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Taking care of a family and a home can be challenging, especially for those working long hours. Many things never seem to be accomplished as there is insufficient time, and hiring a new maid or domestic helper could be an intelligent solution. Transfer maids are the best alternative if you seek someone to help you with household duties.

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Why Is Having Transfer Maids Necessary in Elder Care?

With each passing year, the demand for elderly care rises. Transferring your senior to a nursing home or employing a private nurse to provide care for your elderly at home are two expensive options for senior care. As a result, hiring a transfer maid with training and experience in elder care Singapore is the preferred and most cost-effective alternative.

Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW), often known as domestic helpers, specialise in caring for the elderly. There are various caregiver training programmes nowadays which provide the foreign domestic workers with the necessary skills to provide the utmost care to the old folks at home.

The primary responsibilities of transfer maids include accompanying the elderly for walks, preparing specific meals based on the elderly's dietary needs, administering medication to the seniors as needed, and providing companionship. Further training can also assist them in gaining a better understanding of the needs of the elderly and give the family some peace of mind.
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The Benefits of Hiring Transfer Maids Over Overseas Maids

Given the long application process, there is a need to wait approximately over ten weeks before new helpers can commence work for the family.

On the other hand, hiring a transfer maid means a shorter waiting time and lower costs since the helper is in Singapore and has been granted approval to seek out their new employer. Also, there is no further need to retrain them as their previous employer has already trained them. Today, many families opt to employ Singapore transfer maids instead due to their ease of accessibility and lower hiring costs.
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Transfer maids receive training before working for their current employer to guarantee that they perform to their full potential. They are responsible for keeping a home organised, cooking, running errands, buying groceries, laundry and ironing, and keeping the house in order.
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As a companion for the seniors, a transfer maid's priority is to keep the elderly connected to the rest of the community. They collaborate to deliver emotional support and, in some situations, physical care, all while alleviating the heavy burden that comes with ageing, losing mobility, and cognitive dysfunction.
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Assistance to Primary Caregiver

While caregivers must deliver basic caregiving skills to the elderly with healthcare needs, a transfer maid should provide additional support. They are also in charge of a senior's non-medical needs, such as looking after them, accompanying them to doctor appointments, and providing day-to-day care.
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How Our Transfer Maid Recruitment Works

Choosing a transfer maid that is a suitable fit for your family and is capable of caring for your home may take a lot of effort. To make it easier for the maids to register, we take complete control of the hiring process and select the best match.
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Screen Maid Candidates
Employers and transfer maids can find each other on our open and transparent service. With the help of our registration, we define the employer's demands and establish precise parameters prior to screening and selecting a transfer maid to streamline the screening process and identify eligible workers.
Interviewing With Maid Candidates
It is vital to interview every prospective helper thoroughly. Thus we assist in the extensive evaluation of potential maids and discuss all aspects of the job and only interview candidates shortlisted.
Assessing the Transfer Helper
Our recruitment examines all of the application requirements after the transfer maid has been screened and interviewed. After a successful application, we handle all of the work, including the declaration form, temporary work permit, agreed transfer date, and so on.

Transfer Maid Training & Development

Specialists have ventured so far as to warn more about the pitfalls of maids caring for the elderly who are frail or ill, as this practice is growing more frequent.

Training courses to compensate for lack of prior expertise in eldercare are recommended to address this gap. We assist the maids that we manage in being placed with specific clients and those who aspire to be trusted domestic workers in becoming those who can appropriately care for elderly persons at home.

Before deployment with the clients, the maids will learn and develop the following abilities through our training and development:
  • Methods of dealing with critical situations upon such even arise.
  • Accurate monitoring of vital signs.
  • Proper techniques and laundry care.
  • Skills and expertise to care for elderly with various disabilities.
  • Strategies for communicating with the elderly.
  • Safe handling of electrical appliances at home.
  • Elderly care safety and hygiene.
  • Housekeeping hygienic techniques for the living room, bedroom, dry and wet kitchen, and bathroom.
  • Window cleaning safety and suitable practices for high areas of reach.

Cost of Hiring a Singapore Transfer Maid

There are no set fees when hiring a transfer maid through a maid agency. In Singapore, placing a transfer maid and processing employment permits, security bond, placement fee, maid insurance, and additional paperwork often costs around $800 and $2,000.
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Transfer Maid Singapore FAQs

What Is a Transfer Helper?

Transfer helpers are maids who currently live in Singapore or have previously worked in Singapore and are looking at changing employers. They refer to domestic helpers in Singapore who are available for transfer shortly after their contract ends or because of unusual circumstances like migration, death, or financial difficulties with the current employer.

How Is Hiring Transfer Maids Cheaper Than Hiring FDW From Outside Singapore?

Typically, the cost of employing an FDW  from overseas is higher. The cost of a direct-hire maid is primarily determined by the maid's country and can range from SGD 500 to SGD 2000 based on nationality and other factors such as airfare. Employers now have to cover the expense of the maid's Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) and take COVID-19 into account when hiring maids from overseas.

How Long Would It Take to Book a Transfer Maid in Singapore?

If you hire a maid through the most reliable Transfer Maid Agency Singapore, it takes only 1-4 weeks to process the application and deploy it for work. If more requirements are needed, it may take longer.

Are Transfer FDW Qualified Caregivers for the Elderly?

An FDW is evaluated in several work areas, including elderly care, in most maid agencies' Standard FDW basic information. Being a domestic helper Singapore, the transfer FDW may assist with housework and cooking for the elderly and any daily caregiving tasks such as showering, going to the toilet, and mobility.

What Subsidies Are Available to Help Avail of Transfer Maid Services?

Future employers who do not meet the required income can hire an MDW through the Joint Income or Sponsorship scheme. It enables the employer to engage an MDW with the help of a family member's shared sponsorship and the placement of a security bond.

With the Joint Income Scheme, you can merge your income with a family member who is not your spouse and is staying with you. The Sponsorship Scheme allows senior citizens to apply for a Work Permit depending on the income of up to two sponsors.

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