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Leading Sri Lankan Maid Agency in Singapore for Seniors

Numerous Singaporean households continue to have a real need for live-in domestic help. And as the number of households that depend on domestic helpers rises, we're here to help you select dependable, pocket-friendly care.

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About – Sri Lankan Maids

Since Sri Lankan customs and cultures are straightforward to comprehend, many Singaporean families employ maids from this country. Due to their proficiency in their mother tongues, it is simpler to communicate openly about their demands with these international domestic helpers. In order to better themselves and their families back home, Sri Lankan maids frequently leave their country and move to another.

Despite this, Sri Lankan maids are devoted and industrious. They are naturally tough, which allows them to perform otherwise arduous tasks like child care and elder care. They are superb cooks who are capable of making a variety of cuisines with ease. Sri Lankan domestic workers get along well with both natives and other nationalities. Additionally, because they are from a nation with high moral standards and traditions, they stick with their jobs and stay for a long time.
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What Can Sri Lankan Maids Help With?

If you hire a maid, a home can minimize its mess while also enhancing the mental well-being of the families. So that you may relax, our Sri Lankan maids save you time.
Personal Care

Personal Care

Essentially, Sri Lankan maids are responsible for a senior's non-medical requirements, including daily care, escorting them to doctor's visits, and general supervision. Individualized assistance with daily living (ADL) responsibilities like showering and clothing is offered, as well as with many other personal needs like drinking, eating, and maintaining continence.
Private Duty Nursing


A transfer maid's primary concern as a senior's companion is to get them involved in society. They work together to provide emotional support and, in certain cases, medical needs, even while easing the heavy weight that comes with ageing, declining mobility, and cognitive deterioration.

General Housekeeping

In order to ensure that they operate to their maximum ability, Sri Lankan maids undergo training prior to beginning employment for their current employer. They are in charge of keeping a residence organized in terms of household chores including cleaning, cooking, shopping for groceries, getting supplies, doing laundry, and ironing.
how maid recruitment works

How Our Sri Lankan Maid Recruitment Works

Finding a Sri Lankan maid who is the ideal fit for your household and capable of caring for your home may be difficult. To make hiring a maid for the elderly considerably simpler, we take entire control of the hiring process and select the best suitable match among other maid agencies.
Indo Maid
Screen Maid Candidates
Through our fair and inclusive service, employers and transfer maids can connect. Even before screening and choosing a transfer maid, we specify the employer's requirements through their downloadable bio data and develop exact terms with the assistance of our registry to speed up the screening process and locate qualified individuals.
Conduct the Interview
It's crucial to extensively interview each potential helper considering they came from other countries. Accordingly, we participate in the comprehensive review of possible maids, go through every part of the job, and only evaluate those who have been shortlisted.
Assess the Candidates
Only after the transfer maid has been selected and interviewed, our recruitment department looks over all of the application requirements. Being the best agency there is, we take care of all the paperwork after a formal result, such as the declaration form, air tickets, security bond, purchasing of banker guarantee, temporary work permit application, insurance, agreed-upon transfer date, and so forth.

RC Caregivers Standard – Elderly Training

It will be a life-changing experience if your elderly loved one has to leave your house and move into a senior living facility. Seeking elder care services is a challenging decision with numerous real-world repercussions. With RC Caregivers, we'll explain the procedure and specific details of how we keep our trained and competent maids in top condition.

Experts have even gone so far as to express increased concerns about the dangers of maids providing assistance to the elderly who are frail or seriously ill as this practice grows more common.

To address this gap, training programs are suggested to make up for a lack of prior eldercare expertise. We help those who want to be dependable domestic workers develop into people who can properly care for elderly people at home and help our maids get placed with certain households.

Questions About Maids

What Is FDH?

Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDH), generally addressed as Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs), leave their home countries or region to improve their socioeconomic situation.  These transfer helpers are mostly maids who are already residing in Singapore or who have worked briefly there and are considering switching employers. They belong to domestic helpers in Singapore who are open to being transferred soon after their contract expires or due to exceptional situations including migration, bereavement, or financial struggles with the existing employer.

Which Countries Are Approved Sources for Hiring FDW?

The following states are recognized as legitimate places to find FDWs: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Macau, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and the Republic of Myanmar.

How Many Rest Days per Week Are Allowed For Live-in Maids?

To ensure that your foreign domestic helper has an adequate cognitive and emotional break, you as the employer must permit them to take a scheduled rest day to which they are granted a 24-hour day off during the week.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Sri Lankan Maid?

Depending on the employment agency, recruiting a maid who has begun working in Singapore is typically more expensive due to their expertise. The average cost is about $600, though it can differ based on the country your maid comes from. However, Sri Lankan domestic workers receive a $497 monthly salary on average.

For How Long Are the FDWs Trained?

The Eldercarer Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Scheme allows employers to hire pre-trained FDWs who have accomplished intensive eldercare training. The FDW will normally receive three hours of on-the-job training following arrival at their clients' residences and two days of classroom training prior to actually beginning to work.

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