What Is the Real Cost of a Private Nurse for Elderly Care?

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You may be getting older, but so do your parents. However, not all children have the time or resources to care for their elderly loved ones.

Suppose you want your elderly parents to continue living their best lives despite their limited mobility, frequent trips to hospitals for their medical appointments, and illnesses that require constant care. In that case, you must find a place or a person that can look after their well-being.

Your elderly loved ones might often say they can manage daily living without support. But you never know what might happen when you don’t check on them often.

If placing your loved ones in an elderly daycare or nursing home is not an option, you may consider turning your home into a home nursing care services. Instead of your elderly loved ones leaving home, a highly trained nurse will accompany them to provide home therapy and be their medical escort.

Hiring Licensed Nurses to Provide Home Nursing Services

Deciding about care services and support for elderly patients, your loved ones, your father or mother-in-law, or your parents needs the consensus of all family members. You must consider where the patients can get the best support system and care service to oversee their personal care and other daily needs.

The best thing about home nursing or hiring registered nurses to perform complex nursing procedures at your own home is that the patients will stay in familiar surroundings. Your loved ones can get home nursing care, including tube feeding, simple wound management, wound dressing, support, assistance in taking their medication, monitoring their health, and more.

Besides, booking a patient in your preferred nursing home takes work. You must consider factors such as location, vacancy, and cost.

This is why you need to talk it out with the rest of the family since you are all the designated caregivers of a patient under your care. If you find it hard to commit to the patient due to your schedule, the best option is to get home nursing services.

More about Hiring a Nurse at Home Trained in Nursing Procedures

Licensed nurses offering home nursing service have obtained a valid practice certificate for home care, integrated care, and home nursing care. They have undergone home care services and nursing procedure training to provide adequate home care as private nurses or caregivers to their care recipients.

These nurses providing home nursing care services have passed the Singapore nursing board and have ward experience. They are trained nurses qualified to perform home nursing care. They can perform services, including wound care, setting up and changing catheters, nasogastric tubes, and feeding tubes, monitoring the patient’s medical records, taking care of the patient’s health, and acting as their medical escort whenever needed.

Hiring a private nurse for home nursing is easy with the help of related agencies or advisors regarding elder care services Singapore. You no longer need to go the rounds to manually look for the nurse at home suited for your home nursing needs and other requirements.

An Idea about the Cost of Hiring a Private Nurse

When it comes to the cost of having home nurses, it depends on many factors, including the following:

  • Are the patients qualified for government subsidies?
  • Does the patient require full-time or part-time home nurses?
  • How much support is expected by the patient from home nursing care?

Singapore’s Ministry of Health offers different rates for the subsidies that can be given to Permanent Residents and Singapore Citizens.

The cost of these elderly home care Singapore services and nurses also varies depending on their agencies. If unsubsidized, the hourly rate for regular working hours ranges from around $25 to $125. Expect the rate to double if you require the nurses to provide support services on a night shift.

What about a Live-In Caregiver?

You can also hire live-in caregivers to look after your loved one 24/7 instead of nurses. These caregivers have undergone training to provide efficient home care, such as emotional engagement, medication assistance, wound care, and other hygiene tasks.

These caregivers are not the same as domestic workers, but they can perform some home chores, especially when needed by their patients. You are required to pay a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) levy when getting their services.

To lower the cost, you can check with the MOH if you’re qualified for the $60 per month concessionary rate. This is open to patients who can no longer perform daily living activities, such as walking, showering, and eating.

You will also need to pay an agency fee when hiring live-in caregivers, with costs ranging from $700 to $1000. It covers follow-up monitoring, consultations, medical check-ups, and work permit applications.

The rate of live-in caregivers varies depending on their agencies, but their monthly salary typically ranges from $600 to $1000.

Protecting Your Parents

As your parents grow older, they become more prone to accidents and sicknesses. It is best that you secure them with an insurance plan before they become sick.

When choosing a plan, go over the details and choose the type with the most benefits, including home nursing support services.

Final Thoughts

At RC Caregivers, we will guide you on how to provide the best possible life for your parents in their old age. We have the expertise and experience in the caregiving industry to prove that you’re in safe and efficient hands.

Joshua is the founder of RC Caregivers. Having been the primary caregiver of his father, he has been undertaking ways to provide affordable and quality care, not just to his father, but to all elderly in Singapore. He has founded multiple care companies, such as Red Crowns Senior Living, and has been featured in Straits Times, Zaobao and Money 93FM. He has also been lauded by DBS, with the company being the recipient of the DBS foundation grant.
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