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Highly Experienced Private Nurse Singapore for Seniors

Where your elderly loved ones can experience quality and specialised nursing care within their home. No need to worry about going to hospitals or clinics all the time. Our professional nurses are more than capable of performing nursing procedures for the improvement of seniors' health and overall well-being. We bring the best patient care right to your door.

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Why is a Private Nurse necessary?

Seniors need proper health and personalised care as they age. Having ailments or disabilities, however, can make it difficult for them to travel and to and from their medical appointments and treatments. With our home care, your elderly loved one will receive integrated care from one of our registered nurses at their place of residence. No need to move into nursing homes. They can still experience independent living whilst receiving the best care from private nurses.

What can Home Nursing help with?

Having private nurses at home will allow your aging parents to continue living comfortably and healthily. They will receive clinical and nursing services without having to visit a hospital or move into a senior care facility. Our home nurse has an extensive form of services that they will provide for the betterment of aging Singapore citizens.

Simple nursing care

Similar to a live-in caregiver, our registered nurse may assist with clinical activities that affect a senior's daily living. This includes assisting with feeding tubes for eating, personal hygiene, and other

Complex nursing procedures

Our services include the more complicated nursing procedures such as administering injections and wound dressing. Nursing care also involves the monitoring of the patient's vital signs such as recording their temperature and checking pulse/blood pressure readings.

Medication management and administration

As a part of patient care, the private nurse will also manage their medications and administer them to them. This is to guarantee that no medication will be overlooked or abused by the patients.
Post Surgery

Post-Surgery Care

If the elderly person is recovering from a surgery or operation, our nurses can provide complex nursing care to address the specific needs of the patient. They can be cared for accordingly and recover easier.
Vital Signs

Vital Signs Monitoring

Keep track of your loved one’s health as our Care Pros help to record temperature, pulse and/or blood pressure readings.

Direct-to-Doctor Reports

As our registered nurses monitor your loved one's medical status, they can provide real-time updates and instructions to their primary doctors. This ensures faster and smoother communication between the nurse and the doctors for them to easily decide what's best for the patient.
How nursing works

How does Red Crowns Private Nursing Agency work?

If your aging family member requires the professional service of a nurse, we can help.
Nurse Hero
Get in touch with a care consultant
You may learn about our caregiving services and packages by emailing us at Feel free to ask questions and express your concerns regarding the care recipient.
Formulate a care plan
Our experienced team will work with you in devising the best care plan. We will be basing this on your or your loved one's health status, care requirements, and additional preferences. Assessing the patient thoroughly will enable us to provide the best care plan to improve the quality of life.
Start with the best care option
Our goal is to improve the life of every aging adult in Singapore, which is why we customize each care option according to their varying needs. We make sure to provide the right care, support, and assistance to help them live healthier and happier lives.

Cost of hiring a Private Nurse Singapore

The average cost of hiring a private nurse in Singapore is approximately $25 per day after subsidies. But here in Red Crowns, we offer care packages and financial assistance to help ensure the affordability of our services.
Red Crowns' private nursing services only cost $2,300 per month. If you apply for the Home Caregiver Grant by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), you can get $200 off per month!
Private Nurses
$ 2,300 /month

Apply for a Home Caregiver Grant by AIC and you can get $200 off per month!

Surcharges may apply based on request.

Regular Fees for Private Nurses

Bundle Price
Average Cost
per Hour
Sundays, Nights &
Public Holidays
Cost of
Clinical Procedure
(Max cap of 1 hr/visit)
per visit
Sundays & PH only
per extra hour
Short Elder Sitting Bundle
(Min of 2hrs/session)
No Extras
per extra hour
Half Days Bundle
(5hrs/half day)
on Sunday, Night and
Public Holiday
per extra half day
Full Days Bundle
(10hrs/full day)
on Sunday, Night and
Public Holiday
per extra day

Why should I engage a private nurse?

Why should I engage a private nurse?

A private nurse is necessary especially for seniors who require care but refuse to move into an elderly care facility. By receiving basic and complex nursing support at home, they will feel more comfortable and less stressed. They can continue living in a familiar environment but receive the best care from a registered nurse. This also saves them from the hassle and cost of having to go to hospitals and clinics.

What are Red Crowns’ nursing care packages?

Our nursing care packages include extensive services directed toward improving the quality of life of seniors. We provide both full-day and half-day care services, depending on the patient's needs.

What services can a private nurse provide?

Our private nurse will be taking care of your loved ones through nursing care, complex nursing procedures, medical care, and many others. Basically, we cover all the services that the elderly need to improve their health and experience a better quality of life.

How fast can I get a private nurse?

We do our best in providing a private nurse to our clients at the soonest possible time. After assessing the patient and formulating the right care option for them, we will be sending over a private nurse right to their door.

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