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Home Palliative Care by Trained Professionals

As more patients seek excellent healthcare options, our palliative treatment here at RC Caregivers provides a comprehensive and holistic care plan for rehabilitation, enhancing the quality of life and allowing your loved ones to reclaim control of their lives.

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What Is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is a systematic and adaptable specialized medical care for patients who require a better standard of living as an outcome of their serious illness. It can be given alongside curative treatment. In general, a  group of medical experts with palliative medicine experience, along with a doctor, pain management specialist, nurse, caregiver, and some others, is appointed to assist you in healing from your disease while optimising alleviating pain.

In addition, palliative care improves patients' quality of life by enhancing their experience along the journey, according to their evaluated care needs. Simply put, it emphasises pain relief and other physical sufferings, and even the prevention of complications and the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the patient and their family. Look into how our expert palliative care team can assist you.
Personalised Palliative Care Services

How Would Palliative Care Improve the Quality of Life of You and Your Elderly Loved One?

There seem to be myriad reasons to seek palliative care, particularly if you wish to relieve and manage chronic pain by determining efficient strategies for making the condition as pleasant as possible. When you and your loved one choose palliative care, you will get holistic, all-encompassing care that leads to improving your quality of life.

Both patients and families can have better well-being during the recovery process by taking steps to disabling pain disorders, ease other discomforts, and prevent further complications. With hospice and palliative care, they can devote considerable time together in their most comfortable and familiar atmosphere, as the latter can be provided conveniently at home.

Either you or your elderly loved one are entitled to well-being-focused palliative care. Get diagnosed and get the proper care for you, from primary Singapore in-home care to comprehensive acute care.
Personal Care

Simple Nursing Care

Help with routine nursing tasks such as nasogastric feeding tube changes, suctioning, cleaning bedpans.

Complex Nursing Procedures

Receive specialised care during the critical period of a smooth transition from the hospital to your home. Allow patients to adapt from an inpatient facility to the comfortable environments of their own homes.

Personal Care

Tailored assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), including washing and dressing, and many other individual needs such as continence and drinking and eating.

Home Therapy

Physician-directed, short-term treatment to help a patient avoid or rehabilitate from an illness or hospital stay. Live-in caregivers are appointed to live with an older adult for a set amount of time and provide care in their household.

Night Care

Throughout the night, assistance is intended to assist with toileting or nursing activities, inhibit wandering and limit the danger of falling.
Respite Care

Respite Care

Caring for aged, sick, or handicapped loved ones is a complex job that no one is prepared to undertake alone. Seek respite care services with us and let our health professionals handle the work to provide you with a much needed refreshing break.
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Our Palliative Caregiver Support

If you've been having trouble managing your life with the responsibilities of a caregiver, reach out to us as we provide the assistance you need.
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Palliative Caregiver Training Program
The Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Core Homebase Program is developed for caregivers, including family and foreign domestic help, to learn caregiver knowledge and skills. We assist our caregivers in developing optimal support skills so that they can provide proper palliative care at home through this program. Dental hygiene, medication management, and mobility and transport are among the subjects covered in the course.
Wellness and Stress Management Programs
Caregiving can be a gratifying experience, but balancing the duties can be difficult. If you find it hard to perform your duty optimally or discover yourself overwhelmed by circumstances, you may suffer stress in your role. We help provide a solution to handle the stress of providing palliative care by assisting our caregivers in managing stress and recovering control through a variety of stress management programs offered by numerous institutions in Singapore.
Continuous Training
Taking care of others is a never-ending learning experience. You may feel worried or unqualified to care for your loved one because you've never been a caregiver before. We can undoubtedly assist our caregivers in gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to assist the elderly in receiving palliative care in a safe and supportive home and being an efficient caregiver in Asia.

Cost of Pain Solutions in Singapore

Depending upon the type of clinic, pain solutions without treatment might cost anywhere from $70 to $120. Patients in Singapore often pay between $80 and $150 for every appointment with a medical professional.
Live-in Caregivers
$ $80 and $150 /appointment

Palliative Care Singapore FAQs

Are Palliative, Hospice, and End-Of-Life Care All the Same?

In the last few years, end-of-life and palliative care standards have shifted. Palliative care incorporates end-of-life care, but it also includes a lot more. Palliative care is the treatment of people who suffer from a life threatening illness for which there is no cure or total regression of the disease or its progression. It entails managing physical symptoms gradually and advancing rather than a quick onset and progression.

While end-of-life care, often known as hospice care, is a type of palliative care that focuses on critical patients nearing the end of their lives. End-of-life care focuses on preserving the quality of life while also providing legal assistance. The focus on helping patients to die naturally is an integral feature of end-of-life care.

What Can Home Palliative Care Help With?

The most comprehensive Palliative Care Singapore enables you to remain in the place where you are most at ease, accompanied by memories and loved ones. At home, you can get professional assistance and pain relief from a caregiver who is skilled in palliative care anytime you need one.

The palliative care team covers personal care, managing pain for physical and neurological symptoms, medication administration, meal management, and companionship care.

Can a Recipient of Palliative Care Recover?

Palliative care can sometimes enhance a patient's health for various reasons: nutritional needs are satisfied, medications are managed, they are socially engaged daily, they receive more constant medical and individual help, and so on.

Some patients improve and are no longer in need of palliative care. Others with chronic conditions, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), may enter and leave palliative care as needed. If a cure for a life-threatening condition remains unclear, palliative treatment can help patients live much better.

Does Red Crowns Caregivers Provide 24-Hour Home Palliative Care?

Home palliative care is available for the elderly who prefer to stay in the safety and convenience of their own homes. We have 24-hour attentive personal care personnel and skilled healthcare specialists on-call 24 hours each day in the community.

How Soon Will I Receive the Palliative Care Service?

Palliative care can commence at any point throughout your illness, even before you're diagnosed and receive treatment. You will not have to delay before the condition worsens to an advanced phase until either you're nearing the end of your life to get help. Palliative treatment should be made as soon as possible.

Can Red Crowns Caregivers Palliative Care Service Be Subsidised?

Red Crowns does have an assisted living facility that is an excellent option for government-subsidised nursing homes in Singapore. The patient may apply for palliative care services in the Inpatient Hospice Palliative Care Service (IHPCS). It helps end-of-life patients who have yet to be cared for at home and needs inpatient treatment. A medical practitioner must assess the patient to decide if IHPCS is suitable for their condition.

What Are Red Crowns Caregivers Palliative Care Packages?

Red Crowns Caregivers is dedicated to providing the best possible senior care. We provide a variety of palliative care packages ranging from short-term to long-term, with different care periods, so that you and your elderly loved one can pick one that better meets your needs and interests.

What Is the Shortest Allotted Time for a Palliative Care Visit?

A Red Crowns Caregivers palliative care visit can last around one hour at the least, relying on the requests of the family and the needs of the patient.

How Long Does Palliative Care Usually Last?

Palliative care can endure for years in certain circumstances, and you can have it at any point during your disease, such as when you're dying. Palliative care measures can assist in managing pain and other symptoms during such a time.

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