Would a Night Respite Caregiver Help My Elderly?

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Sundowning is a bothersome problem for a lot of seniors with dementia. Wanna reduce the risks of falls at night? Read more about Night Respite Care.

The nighttime hours can be challenging for older folks, especially those experiencing dementia and Alzheimer’s.  They frequently have trouble falling asleep, and erratic sleep patterns can worsen their conditions – both for those who are experiencing these illnesses and the family caregivers and families who live with them.

They can also experience nighttime interruptions, significantly affecting their perspective of independence and self-assurance in their home, causing anxiety and confusion.

Those mentioned above are typical worries and are possible symptoms for those dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.  The term “sundowning” describes how people with these conditions, commonly among the elderly, can become disoriented and confused from late afternoon and last up until the late hours of the night.

Whatever the cause, your loved ones need careful supervision and caregiving, especially during the critical hours of the night.

This is where night respites or night nurses can help you do elderly care Singapore for and check for your loved ones.

We at Red Crowns offer the most trusted caregiving and respite services for your seniors and loved ones requiring extra care. Our senior care centre is a provider of a wide array of services we can customise and tailor to fit a programme suitable to your home care nursing and respite services your loved ones deserve for quality life and daily living.

What is a Night Respite?

A nigh respite is a person who would give temporary care for your loved ones who are experiencing sundowning behaviour due to dementia.  This will mean giving you and your caregiver some time off or a short break during the night.  This night respite service also aims to give you or your caregiver time to look after your own needs even without compromising your elders’ caregiving needs.

As one of the leading senior care centres in Singapore, we at Red Crowns make sure to help you find an experienced and well-trained caregiver and carer staff suitable to your seniors’ respite care services and needs.

Who is this for?

Night respites or night nurses are suitable for people who have the following conditions:

Persons with Dementia eligible for admission:

  • Diagnosis of dementia by a Singapore Medical Council-registered medical practitioner
  • Those who are exhibiting sundowning behaviour
  • Those clients who are not utilising any services as permanent residents and those cared for in their own homes.

Persons with Dementia not suitable for the programme:

  • Those who require assistance from multiple people and are bedridden;
  • Those who now have an infectious or contagious disease that is currently in the active stage

At Red Crowns, there is no need to worry about many things when it comes to your respite or caregiving needs. You can reach out to us for a consultation and find one which is suitable for you.

How Does a Night Nurse Help My Elderly?

A night nurse can help you keep an eye on your elderly during the wee hours of the night. They will oversee your loved one’s activities of daily living and provide them with the help they need during this time.  Experienced night respites can also provide medical assistance if a medical condition escalates, especially for seniors with seizures or similar health conditions requiring continuous supervision and assistance.

They can also assist your elderly in their night routines such as simple exercises (so they can keep staying active), eating dinner, bathing, and other physical, mental or health needs that may arise during these hours.

At Red Crowns, we make sure to provide your loved ones with the personal care they need. We offer you one of the best home care staff and services tailored to fit you and your loved ones’ essential needs and their particular conditions. If interested, feel free to reach out to us for an appointment and a pre-admission assessment.

What are the Benefits of Having a Night Respite?

1) Elderlies can have proper sleep and rest

This is essential when dealing with elderlies, especially those having special health conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, as they experience behavioural and sleep issues. As we grow old, our body cycle changes; hence, we are prone to restlessness and nighttime interruptions.

With a night respite caring for your loved ones, they will help you assist your loved ones with their needs during these night disruptions.

2) Sundowning can be lessened

Having someone to monitor your loved ones during nighttime will ensure their needs can be fulfilled immediately. Experienced care professionals or night respites can help you handle sundowning and help them minimise their stress during the night, which can help lessen sundowning.

3) Someone will be able to focus and care for your elderly at night

Having an overnight respite option means that someone will be looking closely at your loved ones during the night. They will ensure to provide the healthcare and attention they need as they closely monitor them during these hours. This will prevent wandering and agitated behaviour as their needs will be met accordingly and timely without compromising your rest.

4) Families would not have to worry about their elderly at night

This means extra and integrated care for your loved ones and extra time for you. Handling and Looking over your elders full time can be very exhausting. Having night respites or night nurses can help you get the rest you deserve without compromising the care your elderly needs and worrying since their we will attend to and take care of their needs.

As a nursing care agency, we at Red Crowns provide our clients with the best, most customised and most suitable care package for their loved ones.

Final Words

Accepting that your loved ones need extra care can be frightening. Let us soothe your worries; get in touch with our helpful staff at Red Crowns, one of the leading and trusted senior care centres in Singapore,  to learn how we can assist you and your nursing home care and respite care needs.

You can reach us for a consultation to have a bird’s eye view of what care package is suitable for you and your elder folks. We can provide a pre-admission assessment to help you choose which fits you. We can also check for government subsidies and home caregiving grant available to you. Contact us now, and let us hear from you.

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