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In Singapore, there is a growing demand for professional aged caring assistance. Instead of hiring live-in caregivers to assist with the care of their older relatives, some families prefer hiring maids. Myanmar maids, on the whole, are efficient at doing domestic duties and have exceptional endurance.

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About – Myanmar Maids

The majority of Myanmar maids are eager to learn about the typical household customs and standards. These maids move to Singapore in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

Also, because Myanmar maids are diligent workers, they make excellent domestic help. Myanmar maids have a solid mental presence and can cope with stress significantly, making them ideal for families with demanding working practices and levels of stress.

As Myanmar has a large Chinese community, you can hire Myanmar maids who can communicate in Chinese or Mandarin. It is instrumental if you have elderly relatives who only speak Chinese at home. Likewise, Myanmar maids have demonstrated a rapid aptitude to pick up fast learners, whether English language or Chinese, implying a shorter and quicker learning curve.
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What Can Myanmar Maids Help With?

Employing a domestic helper enables a household to maintain order while also benefiting the employers' mental health through efficient assistance with elderly care. So you can breathe; our maids will spare you time.
Personal Care

Personal Care

Individualized support with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as washing and dressing, and many other personal needs such as continence, drinking, and eating is provided.
Private Duty Nursing


Elderly isolation can have serious health consequences, including depression. By caring for an elderly loved one, Myanmar maids can provide an opportunity to strengthen bonds and reconnect.

General Housekeeping

Running a household while your senior loved one age can be challenging. Dishes, garbage, and other household duties may require assistance for the elderly. Myanmar maids can also help with basic household chores like laundry, food shopping, and basic cleaning.
how maid recruitment works

How Our Myanmar Maid Recruitment Works

We take complete management of the Myanmar maid recruitment process. When it comes to identifying and recommending the ideal individuals for our employers, we prioritize maid competence and attitude above all other maid agencies.
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Screen Maid Candidates
Employers and maids can reach each other using our honest and accessible services. Before screening and selecting a maid, we define the employer's needs and specify specific restrictions to simplify the screening process by looking beyond their bio data and discovering quality helpers.
Conduct the Interview
It is necessary to conduct comprehensive interviews with all potential foreign domestic workers (FDWs). We assist you in the total evaluation of potential maids, covering all job duties and only evaluating good candidates.
Assess the Candidate
Our team only looks at all of the applications once a maid has been evaluated and assessed. After registration, we help you by contributing to the management of all work processing.

RC Caregivers Standard – Elderly Training

Taking care of elderly or disabled people can be a very gratifying experience. Being the principal maid agency Singapore, the maids will have the expertise and confidence to give care at home if they have received the necessary training. We'll cover the basics and details of how we maintain our trained and competent maids up to the same standard here at Red Crowns Caregivers.

We provide all domestic helpers with the skills they need to satisfy the expectations of Singaporean families, such as child care, cooking, housekeeping, mobility, and seniorcare Singapore. The maids can also receive enhancement training to adjust to their client's home care demands.

With the help of our referred training and development, the new maids will learn how to develop the following abilities before being deployed with the clients:
  • Grooming and Personal Hygiene
  • Oral Feeding
  • Medication Administration and Management
  • Preventing and Managing Falls
  • Transferring and Moving
  • Household Security

Questions About Maids

What Is FDH?

Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDH), often known as Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs), move to another country or region to enhance their economic or social circumstances. They better their prospects for themselves or their families and are involved in a professional relationship in and for a household. The foreign domestic helpers will live and work in the employer's home and exclusively assist them with domestic responsibilities.

What Countries Are the Approved Sources of Recruitment of FDW?

Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Republic of Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and Macau are approved.

How Many Weekly Rest Days Are Live-in Maids Entitled To?

As an employer, you must enable your foreign domestic helper to take a regular rest day to guarantee that they get proper mental and physical rest. Every week, your employee shall be entitled to a 24-hour day off.

How Much Does Hiring a Myanmar Maid Cost?

Because of their experience, hiring a maid who has started working in Singapore is generally more expensive. Myanmar maids have lower monthly payments than other ethnicities in the industry, but this might differ depending on personal and skill levels. Expect to pay roughly $450 if the maid is from Myanmar.

For How Long Are the FDWs Trained?

Employers can recruit a pre-trained FDW who has completed rigorous eldercare training under the Eldercarer Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Scheme. The FDW will typically undergo two days of classroom training before arriving at their work houses and three hours of on-the-job training after arriving at their employers' homes.

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