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Never Miss Medical Appointments Again With Our Medical Escort Services

To maintain a higher standard of living, medical appointments are undoubtedly important for Senior care Singapore. Professional nurses and care aides are available as part of medical escort services to support and travel with your ageing loved one to the doctor's office. Medical escorts also help reduce the burden on people who are concerned about their elderly relatives as our care personnel is qualified and equipped to meet their needs while travelling with us.

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How Can Medical Escort Help?

The likelihood of missed medical appointments may be due to factors like time restrictions when live in caregiver Singapore is needed or the inability of close relatives to accompany their senior loved ones. They may not be able to attend every visit to the doctor while balancing other commitments like career and life. Given the long long waiting times, physical constraints, and the influence they have on the standard of healthcare, elderly family members may even decide to skip their visit.

For patients who require assistance with transport, transferring from one location to another, and have no caregiver or whose family caregiver is unable to assist them due to situations or their own health conditions, Singapore's finest medical escorts are accessible. They offer transport services and care staff to go with the care recipient to consultations.

Medical Escort Services

To assist elders with the inconveniences of doctor's appointments, all our medical escorts offer a care plan. You don't need to bother over your senior loved one being alone while waiting in line for a health screening or travelling since a primary caregiver will keep them company. To ensure that they arrive home without incident, they will be by their side the entire time.

Arrange Pick-up and Drop-off for Your Senior With Preferred Transport

In order to relieve patients of the inconvenience of commuting, medical escort and transport services offer the comfort of ready transportation that may accompany clients from their residences. Additionally, they will see to it that your loved one arrives home securely following their consultation.

Navigation to Clinics and Hospitals

To guarantee that your elderly loved ones receive the attention they require, a medical escort service transports them to their checkups safely and on schedule.
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Ensure Safe Transfers in and Out of Transport

While they are still with us, medical personnel maintains your loved one's security and provides any support they may demand. Medical escorts receive training on how to safely transfer patients with mobility constraints.

Accompany Your Senior Throughout the Appointment

As soon as your elders arrive at the clinic, escorts are appointed to them, and they stay with them throughout their long queues and medical appointment.

Relay Doctor’s Advice and Instructions

The escort will be with elderly patients who have memory issues to ensure they don't miss out on crucial care instructions from their physicians so they can relay them to their caregivers.

Collect Any Prescribed Medication, Discharge Reports, Health and Test Reports

The medical escort would also be free to take care of all the paperwork and always provide the prescribed medications and documentation they require.
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Our Medical Escort Support

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Medical Escort Training Program
Medical escorts guarantee your elders' safety and comfort while they are with us. A professional nurse or qualified caregiver will be paired with your loved one based on their needs for nursing care and personal care. To assure they can assist your elderly in an emergency, each member of staff has received caregiver training and is certified in CPR.
Continuous Training
To make sure their knowledge and expertise are updated so they can offer their patients the care they need, nurses and care aides participate in ongoing training programs.
Cost of Medical Escort Services
Medical Escorts can cost anything from $62 - $90 roundtrip prior to subsidies. A means test will determine how many subsidies are available to qualifying clients.

What is the role of Medical Escorts in Elder Care?

Singapore's top medical escorts are available for patients who need help with transport, moving from place to place and has no caregiver or whose family caregiver is unavailable to help them due to circumstances or their own health conditions.

Medical escort service provides transportation, and/or care personnel to accompany clients to medical appointments.

Medical Escort Singapore FAQs

Who Are the Red Crowns Caregivers Medical Escorts?

In order to serve care recipients and their dear ones with high-quality care and services, Red Crowns Caregivers undergo rigorous training. To be able to meet your elderly folks' needs, they are prepared with caregiver training and CPR expertise.

How Fast Can I Get a Medical Escort?

To connect you or a senior loved one with a qualified care provider, you can obtain a medical escort either immediately or after 48 hours.

What if the Appointment Takes Longer Than Expected?

While additional fees apply for time extensions, in most circumstances medical staff will remain with your loved one during the session. Our team will get in touch with you to make changes if they are unable to.

How Long Does a Medical Escort Service Typically Last?

The length of the visits and your elderly loved one's support and care demands will determine the start time and cost of the medical escort services, which start at one hour.

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