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Never Miss Medical Appointments Again

Medical appointments are necessary for a quality of life for seniorcare Singapore. Medical escort services have nurses and care aides who are there to provide support and accompany your loved one through the trip to the hospital. Medical escorts also provide those who worry about their elderly family members peace of mind as our care staff and trained and capable of attending to your loved one's needs during their trip with us.

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How can Occupational Therapy help?

Occupational therapists work with people in various age groups with different conditions and create personalized care plans to accommodate their physical, social, cognitive as well as environmental needs. An occupational therapist may advise on topics such as physical exercises to do to prevent disability and restore function to money management and self-care routines.

Medical Escort Services

Medical escorts provide a care plan to help seniors through the hassles of doctor's appointments. No need to worry about your loved one going through the commute or the long queue lines or the paperwork alone as trained personnel will keep your loved one company. They will be with them each step of the way to make sure they get home safely.

Arrange pick-up and drop off for your senior with preferred transport.

Medical escort service provides the convenience of a ready transport that can pick up your loved one from their homes to save them the hassle of commuting. They will also make sure your loved one returns home safely after their appointment.

Navigation to Clinics and Hospitals

Medical escort service brings your loved ones to their medical appointments safely and on time to make sure they don't miss out on the care they need.
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Ensure safe transfers in and out of transport

Medical personnel ensure your loved one’s safety while they are with us and provide assistance with anything your loved one may need. Medical personnel are trained on how to perform safe transfers for patients who have mobility constraints.

Accompany your senior throughout the appointment

Care aides will be assigned to your loved ones as they enter the clinic and will be with them through the long wait times and throughout their medical appointment.

Relay doctor’s advice and instructions

For seniors who may have trouble with memory, Medical personnel will be with them to make sure they do not miss out on important care instructions from their doctor so that they can relate them to their caregivers.

Collect any prescribed medication, discharge reports, health and test reports

Medical personnel will handle all the paperwork and make sure to get the medication and documents they need.
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Our Medical Escort Support

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Medical Escort Training Program
Medical escorts ensure your loved ones are safe with us. Depending on your loved one’s need, a professional nurse or trained care aid will be matched to your loved one.  Each personnel is equipped with caregiver training and have CPR certification to ensure they can respond to your loved ones in an emergency.  
Continuous Training
Continuous training programs for nurses and aids are conducted to ensure their skills and knowledge are up to date to provide proper care to their care recipient.
Cost of Medical Escort Services
Before subsidies, Medical Escorts may cost up to $62 -$90 for a round trip. The number of subsidies an eligible client can get will depend on a means-test.

What is the role of Medical Escorts in Elder Care?

Singapore's top medical escorts are available for patients who need help with transport, moving from place to place and has no caregiver or whose family caregiver is unavailable to help them due to circumstances or their own health conditions.

Medical escort service provides transportation, and/or care personnel to accompany clients to medical appointments.

Medical Escort Singapore FAQs

Who are the Red Crowns Caregivers medical escorts?

Red Crowns Caregivers are trained care personnel who are dedicated to ensuring quality care and care services are provided for care recipients and their loved ones. They are equipped with caregiver training as well as knowledge in CPR to ensure they can cater to your loved one's needs.  

How fast can I get a medical escort?

It may happen on the same day or after 48 hours to match you or your loved one with a trained care provider.

What if the appointment takes longer than expected?

Time extensions incur additional charges however in most cases, medical personnel will stay with your loved one throughout the appointment. Should they be unable to, our staff will reach out ad contact you to make the necessary adjustments.

What is the shortest duration for medical escort service?

Escort services begin at one hour and will depend on your loved one’s support and care needs as well as the duration of appointments.  

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