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The best maid agency that will provide exceptional domestic helpers for your ageing loved ones.

Leading Singapore Maid Agency for Seniors

Nowadays, hiring maids for elderly people have become a necessity rather than a luxury. With many of us leading busy lives and juggling many responsibilities, it is a relief and added comfort to have extra help around the house.

This is especially true for those with ageing loved ones. Having a skilled care provider to look after their needs will not only improve the quality of their day to day life but also allow you to rest easy knowing they are in good hands.

If you are going through elderly care Singapore looking for top maid agencies, you've come to the right place.

Our domestic helpers are trained and skilled in providing services such as housekeeping and elderly care. We can match you with the right maid power that will look after your elderly loved one's care needs and support their pursuit of a healthy and fulfilling life.

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Whether an express maid or a long-term house helper—we got it for you.

Why Live-In Maids are necessary

Our range of professional home keeping services is designed to improve the quality of life of your loved ones. As a maid agency, we can assist in matching you with domestic helpers who are equipped with the skills and the experiences to cater to the needs of your household and your seniors.
Why choose us out of the best maid agencies in Singapore?

What can Maids help with?

We offer convenient and thoughtful service packages where we can assist you in hiring transfer maids or directly hiring from other countries. Additionally, we guarantee that our domestic helpers only offer high-quality services to ensure your loved one's comfort and quality of life at home.
Personal Care

Personal Care

Our trustworthy foreign domestic workers are not only skilled in maintaining a home but they can also provide nurturing personal care for the elderly. They can assist with activities of daily living such as feeding, bathing, grooming, toileting, transferring, and mobility. They are dedicated to looking after your loved one's health and well being.
Private Duty Nursing


Companionship is another service a transfer maid and domestic worker can provide. Our maids can provide conversation, emotional support as well as accompany your loved ones on all their outdoor activities or trips, especially if they are sick or disabled and need help. They can be trusted to look after your loved one's safety and comfort on your behalf.

General Housekeeping

Reliable maid agencies such as ours provide a skilled domestic helper or transfer maid to aid your ageing loved ones with housework. As they age, it may be hard for them to keep up with maintaining a home and may even hurt themselves while doing chores. Our agency can match your loved ones with convenient and professional home keeping services that will take care of the essentials such as cleaning, cooking and laundry, ensuring a safe home environment where they can thrive and focus on their health.
how maid recruitment works

How our Maid recruitment works

To ensure the best service quality for our clients, we conduct a thorough hiring process for our employees. Each foreign domestic worker goes through a series of personality, skills, and overall character assessments to ensure there will be no complications once they are assigned to our clients.

As a maid agency in Singapore, we want to do our part in providing reliable and hard-working housekeepers to the homes of ageing Singaporeans. To make this all the more possible, we team up with our clients to match them with a professional housekeeper who possesses the most suitable skill set that can provide for their family's needs.
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Screening Maid Candidates
We have plenty of transfer maids under our agency. However, they may differ in terms of personality, skillset, and experience. As such, we are careful to screen all candidates to find the one that can provide the care needs of our client's household. Our matchmaking may take some time but you can rest assured that once we will select only the most suitable care provider for you and your family.
Interviewing with Maid Candidates
Unlike other maid agencies, we encourage our clients and their families to set up an interview with their prospective housekeepers, whether face to face or through a video call. This gives you a chance to get an impression of a prospective housekeeper who will be taking care of your loved ones while you are away.
Assessing the transfer helper
Careful evaluations are essential to providing you with a match that will be the perfect fit for your household. We take into consideration your needs and preferences as well as the skillsets, personality and temperament of prospective maids to guarantee the care needs of our elderly clients are met. This is a crucial step to take before we transfer maids to the homes of the clients assigned to them.

Maid training & development

A maid agency's performance can be determined by how they train their domestic helpers. This includes orientations, seminars, and other types of training that are essential in determining the skill level of domestic helpers. An employment agency needs to invest in the training and development of its employees to ensure high-quality service.

Here at Red Crowns, we understand the importance of producing exceptional domestic helpers for the comfort and happiness of our clients. We have partner training centres and an employer's orientation program that is spearheaded by an approved training provider.

Listed below are the following inclusions of our maid training:
  • Methods of handling critical situations when it arises
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Proper techniques and care for laundry
  • Knowledge and skills to care for elderly with different disabilities
  • Ways of Communication with elderly
  • Safe handling of electrical appliances at home
  • Elderly care safety and hygiene
  • Hygienic procedures in housekeeping for living room, bedroom, dry and wet kitchen, bathroom
  • Safety and proper techniques for window cleaning and high areas of reach
How much does it cost to hire a maid from maid agencies in Singapore?

Cost of hiring a maid

There are upfronts costs when hiring a maid, such as a maid agency fee, maid insurance, work permit application and placement fee.  A good maid agency must know how to look after the needs of their clients as well as employees.

If you are looking for an affordable maid agency, you are in the right place! We crafted a service package of $700 a month wherein we can match you with a skilled maid that will take care of all your care needs.

You may also apply for a Home Caregiver Grant by the AIC which can help defray costs by up to $200 a month.
Maids for the Elderly
$ 700 /month

Apply for a Home Caregiver Grant by AIC and you can get $200 off per month!

Surcharges may apply based on request.


Questions About Maids

What is an FDW?

An FDW means Foreign Domestic Worker. This is the preferred term for maids or housekeepers, particularly those who come from foreign countries. Plenty of maid agencies in Singapore recruits skilled foreign domestic workers. For instance, we hire island maids here in our agency from countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

What countries are the approved sources of recruitment of FDW?

The countries that are approved sources of FDW recruitments are as follows: Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, and Myanmar. These are the countries where maid agencies in Singapore can hire a domestic helper from.

How many weekly rest days are live-in maids entitled to?

There is a rule which states that foreign domestic helpers can have a weekly rest day if their work permit was either issued or renewed after January 1, 2013. This allows a foreign domestic worker to recharge and rest so that she can perform her duties better.

However, if your maid decides to work on her rest day, they must be compensated with any of the following:

  • At least a 1-day's salary that is excluded from the maid's salary (the basic one).
  • An alternative/replacement rest day that can be taken within the same month.
For how long are the FDWs trained?

Training for domestic workers can last up to 12 days. An employment agency for maids or domestic workers typically requires training for their employees to ensure they have the needed competencies. This may seem like a short time, but this already includes all the aspects of training that a foreign domestic helper needs to pass the competency assessment in domestic work.

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