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Live In Caregiver in Singapore

Are you finding it increasingly challenging to balance your caregiving responsibilities with your personal and professional life? You're not alone. Many families face the same struggles.

But worry not, because help is just a click away. Partner with the leading and trusted elderly care Singapore provider for fruitful daily living.

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Reasons to Choose Live-in Caregiving

Experience the unmatched advantages of live-in caregiving, providing personal care assistance, fostering trust and consistency, and offering cost-effective solutions for a unparalleled peace of mind and comfort in your own home.

Personal Care Assistance
Enjoy the benefits of our live-in caregiver program, offering individualized nursing and around-the-clock care. Our trained caregivers provide personalized attention, ensuring the highest quality of home care tailored to your specific needs. Our duties include assisting the elderly with daily tasks and making living easier one day at a time.

Establish Trust & Ensure Consistency
You can trust in the consistency of care your loved ones receive. Providing service to our care recipient is more than just a job; it's a commitment. Our caregivers offer dependable support and assistance. We build a strong bond with caregivers who become like family, providing support day and night.

Cost Effective Solutions
Provide care without the worries of straining your finances. Live-in care offers a cost-effective solution compared to traditional care facilities and nursing homes. Enjoy the benefits of 24-hour care without the hefty price tag. With this solution, you can maintain financial stability while ensuring your loved one receives quality care.

Benefits of Live-in Caregiving

Discover the awesome perks of hiring a live-in caregiver, offering unparalleled comfort, convenience, and personalized support for your loved one's well-being without the hassle of typical doctor's appointments or transportation.
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Age Comfortably at Home

Stay in the familiar surroundings of home while receiving professional care. Live-in caregivers enable aging loved ones to maintain independence and dignity in a comfortable environment. Our caregivers are equipped with skills to assist seniors with chronic illnesses or disabilities and conduct consistent home visit to ensure their needs are met.
Private Duty Nursing

Continuous Care and Supervision

Receive 24-hour supervision and support from live-in caregivers, ensuring your loved one's safety and well-being, always. Benefit from constant monitoring and immediate assistance whenever needed. We prioritize comfort over everything else, ensuring that your loved one feels at ease and well cared for with our compassionate approach to home care.
Respite Care

Peace of Mind

We take matters into our own hands to provide peace of mind for family members and see to it that seniors live a good retirement. Rest easy knowing your loved ones are provided with delicate care. Live-in caregivers erase worries and allow you to focus on other aspects of life confidently.
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Meaningful Companionship

Combat loneliness and isolation with the company of live-in caregivers. Enjoy meaningful interactions, engaging activities, and emotional support to enhance holistic well-being. Our professional live-in caregivers understand the importance of human connection. They share conversations, stories, and activities of your interest and preference, where patients find medical care and a friend.
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Services Live-In Caregivers Offer

Our live-in care offers a range of services, from assistance with daily activities, escort to medical appointments, and meal planning, to monitoring your loved one's health, we've got you covered.
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Safe Transferring and Positioning
Our caregivers actively assist in ensuring safe transfers, repositioning, and mobility, reducing discomfort and the risk of bedsores. They employ repositioning techniques from bed to chair or vice versa without risk of injury, promoting comfort and enabling your loved one to move around safely and independently.
Personal Care & Hygiene
Our live-in caregiver ensures that your loved one maintains proper hygiene and grooming routines, promoting cleanliness and wellness. They assist with bathing, dressing, and grooming to instill a sense of well-being and dignity. Upholding these essential practices contributes to your loved one's overall physical and emotional wellness.
Walking Support to Preventing Falls
We provide personalized support and assistance with walking to prevent falls and accidents while promoting independence. The attentive guidance from our caregivers helps your loved one move confidently and securely. Trained to assist seniors with disabilities, we offer custom-fit strategies to navigate obstacles and maintain stability, empowering your loved one to remain active in daily tasks.
Dementia Care Services
Specialized care and understanding for seniors with dementia, our live-in caregiver possesses complete training and certification in dementia care, ensuring compassionate support for their unique needs. We have a deep understanding of the condition and knowledge of its progress, thus we provide specialized attention for every stage.
Medication and Meal Planning
Our live-in caregivers meticulously administer medications on schedule, ensuring adherence to prescriptions and promoting optimal health. Additionally, they skillfully prepare nutritious meals tailored to dietary requirements, prioritizing your loved one's well-being and nourishment. By managing medications and meals with care and attention, we contribute to their overall health and vitality.

Our Dementia Caregiver Support

1.      Dementia Caregiver Training Program

For those who would like to provide better support and care for their loved ones living with dementia, Caregiving Training and scheduled courses are available at the AIC website.

2.      Financial Support

The AIC provides a rundown of the financial support your loved one can apply for under Dementia Care such as Medifund, CHAS, Seniors' Mobility and Enabling Fund, Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly and more.

3.      Access to Dementia Care Tools and Exercises

The AIC also provides resource kits on various topics such as caregiving, mental health as well as resources for home modification.

Cost of Dementia Care Singapore

Dementia Care may add up to an annual estimated cost of $40,000. Subsidies under the Home Caregiving Grant can help defray the cost of caregiving services.
Dementia Care
$ $40,000

Live In Caregiver in Singapore FAQs

What is a live-in caregiver?

A live-in caregiver is a trained professional who resides with a person needing aid, providing round-the-clock care with activities of daily living, companionship, and personalized care tailored to their needs. They ensure the safety, well-being, and comfort of patients in the familiar environment at home.

Why should we consider availing live-in care in Singapore?

Opting for live-in care in Singapore offers invaluable benefits beyond convenience and assistance. By providing 24-hour care, live-in caregivers ensure seniors can continue living comfortably in their own homes, preserving their independence. This approach removes the emotional strain associated with relocating to unfamiliar surroundings that often causes physical decline.

How does it work with a live-in caregiver?

A live-in caregiver resides in your loved one's home around the clock, providing continuous care and companionship. Depending on individual circumstances, they stay at certain times to provide consistent support and aid whenever needed. This arrangement allows for personalized care tailored to your loved one's unique needs, promoting comfort and security.

Can my live-in caregiver also handle household chores or assist other family members?

Yes, live-in caregivers can assist with light housekeeping tasks and meal preparation, in addition to providing care for seniors requiring assistance. While their primary focus is on the individual's well-being, caregivers may also offer limited support to other family members.

Is medical care included in live-in care services?

While live-in caregivers excel in medication management and adherence to prescribed regimens, they are not authorized to provide medical treatments or procedures. They can book medical escorts to accompany the elderly to hospitals or clinics for laboratory tests or check-ups.

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