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Being renowned as the fourth-largest population across the globe, Indonesia has created a massive labor and economic difficulties.

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Indonesian Maids

Indonesian maids, widely regarded as Indon maids, continue to be one of the foremost common recruiting alternatives. First off, a large percentage of elderly Singaporeans are able to communicate in some level of basic Malay. Furthermore, there is a sizable Malay demographic in Singapore who chooses to engage a domestic helper who shares their religious beliefs.

Additionally, Indonesian domestic workers are reputed to be more eager to look after young children, elderly folk, and infants.

The Indonesian food scene is remarkably comparable to and well-liked by Singaporeans in regard to culinary skills and flavour. Consider the nasi goreng, curry, and rendang chicken as well as the herbs; the list continues. Native Singaporean domestic employers may connect to and are acquainted with these delicacies.
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What Can Maids Help With?

In essence, employing a housekeeper can significantly reduce clutter in a home and enhance the well-being of the entire family. You get time back from our Indonesian maids so you may unwind.
Personal Care

Personal Care

Indonesian maids are fundamentally in charge of taking care of a senior's non-medical needs, such as regular care, accompanying them to routine checkups, and general supervision. And several other personal needs including drinking, eating, and sustaining continence, personalized support is provided with daily living activities like showering and dressing.
Private Duty Nursing


As an elderly's companion, an Indonesian transfer maid's prime concern is to engage them in the community. In addition to alleviating the heavy burden that comes with ageing, decreased mobility, and cognitive decline, they collaborate to give emotional support and, in some cases, medical needs.

General Housekeeping

Prior to starting work for their current employer, Indonesian maids receive training to guarantee that they perform to the best of their abilities. They are in charge of maintaining a home's organization in terms of everyday activities like housekeeping, cooking, grocery shopping, procuring supplies, doing laundry, and ironing.
how maid recruitment works

How Our Maid Recruitment Works

It could be challenging to find an Indonesian maid who is a good fit for your family and capable of taking care of your household. We hold the power of the hiring process and choose the most appropriate match among other maid agencies in order to make recruiting an Indonesian maid in Singapore for the elderly more straightforward.
Indo Maid
Screen Maid Candidates
Employers and transfer maids can communicate with one another using our equitable and inclusive service. Even before screening and selecting a transfer maid, we establish precise terms with the help of our registry and clarify the employer's expectations through their downloadable bio data to hasten the screening process with no additional agency fees and find qualified, experienced maids.
Conduct the Interview
Given that they are not from the domestic sector, it is imperative to thoroughly interview each potential helper. In light of this, we take part in the thorough evaluation of potential maids, examine every aspect of the position, and only consider those who have been shortlisted.
Assess Candidate
Our recruitment team only reviews the prerequisites for the application once the transfer maid has been chosen and interviewed. Being the best agency available, we handle all the paperwork following a formal outcome, including the declaration form, medical examination, air tickets, security bond, acquisition of banker guarantee, temporary work permit application, insurance, predetermined transfer date, and the like.

Elderly Training

If your ageing loved one needs to leave your place and move into a senior care facility, it will be a life-changing ordeal.

Choosing to employ elderly care in Singapore is a difficult choice that has many practical implications. We'll go over the steps and particulars of how we keep our skilled and capable maids in peak condition with RC Caregivers.

In order to compensate for this lack of past eldercare experience, training programs are recommended. We assist those who aspire to be trustworthy domestic workers in becoming people who can effectively care for elderly people at home and assist our maids in getting placed with particular houses by helping them develop the following skills:
  • Strategies for Addressing Life-Or-Death Situations
  • Analyzing Vital Signs
  • Proper Laundry Methods and Care
  • Knowledge and Ability to Look After Aged People With Various Disabilities
  • Methods for Interacting With Seniors
  • Safe Use of Electrical Equipment at Home
  • Safety and Hygiene in Elderly Care
  • Following Hygienic Housekeeping Practices in the Living Room, Bedroom, Dry and Wet Kitchen, and Restroom
  • Safety, Appropriate Window Cleaning Methods, and High Areas Within Reach

Questions About Maids

What is FDH?

Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDH), generally addressed as Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs), leave their home countries or region to improve their socioeconomic situation. These transfer helpers are mostly maids who are already residing in Singapore or who have worked briefly there and are considering switching employers. They belong to domestic helpers in Singapore who are open to being transferred soon after their contract expires or due to exceptional situations including migration, bereavement, or financial struggles with the existing employer.

Which Countries Are Approved Sources for Hiring FDW?

The following states are recognized as legitimate places to find FDWs: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Macau, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and the Republic of Myanmar.

How Many Rest Days per Week Are Allowed For Live-in Maids?

To ensure that your foreign domestic helper has an adequate cognitive and emotional break, you as the employer must permit them to take a scheduled rest day to which they are granted a 24-hour day off during the week.

How Long Are the FDWs Trained?

The Eldercarer Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Scheme allows employers to hire pre-trained FDWs who have accomplished intensive eldercare training. The FDW will normally receive three hours of on-the-job training following arrival at their clients' residences and two days of classroom training prior to actually beginning to work.

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