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Indonesia’s population is the world’s forth largest and this has led to the huge surplus of workforce in the country.

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Indonesian Maids

Indonesian Maids or Indon Maids remains as one of the most popular hiring choice.​
Firstly, there are many older Singaporeans who are able to speak some form of basic of Malay. In addition, there is a considerable size of Malay population here in Singapore who prefers to hire a domestic helper with similar religious faith.

Secondly, the Indonesian Domestic Workers are known to be more willing to provide care to the infants, children, and elderlies.

In the terms of abilities to cook and flavour of their food, the Indonesian food culture is very similar and popular amongst Singaporeans. Think about the spices, curry and rendang chicken, and nasi goreng. The list goes on. These are dishes that local Singaporean Domestic Employers can relate to and are familiar with.
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What Can Maids Help With?

Hiring a house maid allows you to keep your house clutter down and your mental health up. A housemaid frees up more time to relax.
Personal Care

Personal Care

Assist with the activities of daily living – eating, bathing, getting dressed, toileting, transferring, and continence.


Befriend and engage through conversations, interactive activities and outdoor trips.

General Housekeeping

Helping with household duties, shopping, carers also provide friendship, company and emotional support.
how maid recruitment works

How Our Maid Recruitment Works

We place maid quality and attitude as the top priority in selecting and recommending the right candidates for our employers.
Indo Maid
Screen Maid Candidates
Finding a foreign domestic worker who is a good match for your family and who is equipped to take care of your house, your family, and your children, can take some time and effort.
Conduct the Interview
We recommend you to personally interview all shortlisted candidates face-to-face or via a video call. This way you can assess the candidate’s body language as well as her personality.
Assess Candidate
Assess if the candidate is the right fit for your family and your family’s needs. We can help you through this process.

Elderly Training

We equip all helpers with necessary skills according to the home care needs of families in Singapore, such as infant care, cooking, housekeeping, disability and elderly care. Enhancement training is also available for helpers to fit changes in their employers’ home care needs.
  • Methods of handling critical situations when it arises
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Proper techniques and care for laundry
  • Knowledge and skills to care for elderly with different disabilities
  • Ways of Communication with elderly
  • Safe handling of electrical appliances at home
  • Elderly care safety and hygiene
  • Hygienic procedures in housekeeping for living room, bedroom, dry and wet kitchen, bathroom
  • Safety and proper techniques for window cleaning and high areas of reach

Questions About Maids

What is FDH?

This is the acronym for foreign domestic worker. A much preferred term of reference than maid.

Which countries are the approved sources of recruitment of FDW?

This is the acronym for foreign domestic worker. A much preferred term of reference than maid.

Weekly Rest Day

This is the acronym for foreign domestic worker. A much preferred term of reference than maid.

For how long are the FDWs trained?

This is the acronym for foreign domestic worker. A much preferred term of reference than maid.

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