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Hiring a maid is no longer deemed a luxury for many Singaporeans but rather a need. Due to rising living costs and an ageing population, many Singaporean families hire maids to help them manage their daily obligations at home. In general, Indian maids can perform the assigned responsibilities to complete satisfaction.

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About – Indian Maids

Maids, whose origins in India, have a collection of skills required to run a household. Considering they come from an Indian family and a country with a diverse culture, an Indian transfer maid has a tremendous potential to adapt to any condition.

Any Singaporean family favours Indian maids in need of domestic assistance. They are generally fast learners who have a clear understanding of the rules. Since the Indian subcontinent possesses 15 to 20 commonly spoken languages, they have exceptional linguistic proficiency vital for communication.

Most Indian maids are educated and can read and write to a decent degree, giving them an advantage over other maids when working with households that desire an educated helper.
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What Can Indian Maids Help With?

Qualified maids from India have already been trained in elder care services Singapore and have sufficient expertise in performing work. As a result, Indian maids are the most crucial choice for your home, as their extensive knowledge is essential.
Personal Care

Personal Care

Like all forms of care, personal care assistance is tailored to the ageing person's specific needs and habits. Helping for activities of daily living (ADLs), including showering and dressing, and a variety of other individual needs, such as continence, drinking, and eating, are mainly provided.
Private Duty Nursing


There should never be a time in a senior's life when they feel isolated. Companionship care is provided by our Indian maids, who give elders beneficial social interaction. Our maids provide your senior loved ones the love, respect, and attention deserve.

General Housekeeping

Taking in help to perform light housework for seniors can distinguish between a clean home and an accident when your elderly loved one starts to struggle with basic routines. Indian maids assist in keeping clutter to a minimum and creating a clean, tidy environment.
how maid recruitment works

How Our Indian Maid Recruitment Works

We handle support for the entire recruitment process for Indian maids. We value maid proficiency and demeanour above all other maid agencies when finding and recommending the appropriate personnel for our employers.
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Screen Maid Candidates
We help identify the employer's demands and specify certain constraints before screening and picking a maid to simplify the selection process by searching beyond their bio data and discovering quality maids.
Conduct the Interview
We help our clients evaluate all potential maids as they kindly request, covering all job duties and only analyzing suitable applicants graciously requested by employers.
Assess the Candidate
We assist employers by aiding with the administration of all work processing. We deal with the simple application for a work permit, the security bond, medical screening, travel arrangements, and other procedures.

RC Caregivers Standard – Elderly Training

Clients and their families can feel confident in the knowledge that their helper is knowledgeable and reliable since well-trained maids are better prepared to handle all of the many crises that emerge when they're working. Extensive training courses are taught upon arrival in Singapore to renew and assure the calibre of our foreign domestic workers (FDW). We will go through the fundamentals and specifics of how Red Crowns Caregivers keeps its trained and skilled registered housemaids satisfactory.

Prior to getting deployed with the employers, the new maids will learn and develop the following skills with the guidance of our suggested development and training program:
  • Hygiene and Personal Care
  • Home Safety Training
  • Handling Emergencies
  • Medication Management
  • Nutrition
  • Transferring and Moving
  • Safety, Fall Prevention, and First Aid

Questions About Maids

What Is FDH?

Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDH), often known as Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs), move to another country or region to enhance their economic or social circumstances. They better their prospects for themselves or their families and are involved in a professional relationship in and for a household. The foreign domestic helpers will live and work in the employer's home and exclusively assist them with domestic responsibilities.

What Countries Are the Approved Sources of Recruitment of FDW?

Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Republic of Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and Macau are approved.

How Many Weekly Rest Days Are Live-in Maids Entitled To?

As an employer, you must enable your foreign domestic helper to take a regular rest day to guarantee that they get proper mental and physical rest. Every week, your employee shall be entitled to a 24-hour day off.

For How Long Are the FDWs Trained?

Under the Eldercarer Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Scheme. The FDW will typically undergo two days of classroom training before arriving at their work homes and three hours of on-the-job training after arriving at their employers' homes.

What Is the Salary for an Indian Maid?

Unlike other sending countries, Singapore does not have a minimum wage for foreign domestic employees. Maids make roughly $600 per month on average. New maids from India earn an average of $438 per month, whereas transfer maids earn an average of $532 per month.

What Are Darjeeling Maids Generally Good At?

Darjeeling maid is a collective term for North East Indian maids. These maids are more respectable, and they keep a distance from their employers. Darjeeling maids are also from the highlands; therefore, they have a lot of stamina for work.

What Are Punjabi Maids Generally Good At?

Employers worldwide choose Punjabi maids for a variety of reasons, including high immigrant rates and an open and transparent upbringing. Punjabi maids may be hired for a low price and have excellent communication skills.

What Are Tamil Maids Generally Good At?

Tamil maids are intelligent and adapt rapidly to their new environment. Employers who desire dedicated, diligent maids who do an excellent job value them highly.

What Are Telugu Maids Generally Good At?

Telugu maids are well-educated and can read and write to a reasonable degree. Telugu helpers are excellent cooks and have excellent manners. They are capable of completing the assigned tasks to the employer's fulfilment.

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