An Indonesian Maid Hiring Guide from Singapore

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Indonesia has an extensive workforce, but the Indonesian government fails to provide most of them with job opportunities.

According to data, Indonesia ranks fourth with the world’s largest population. To provide for their families and survive, many try their luck by applying as an Indonesian maid in Singapore.

What are the processes employers need to know when hiring an Indonesian helper? Why would you want to get Indonesian domestic helpers than maids of other nationalities?

If you want to know more about what to look for in potential candidates and what to ask an Indonesian maid agency or Indonesian authorities about the country’s domestic sector, read on.

Indonesian Maids in Singapore – What You Need to Know

Due to the lack of jobs in their home nation, meeting Indonesian maids in Singapore is becoming more common. The majority of Indonesian helpers in Singapore are women.

Before going to an Indonesian maid agency and hiring an Indonesian helper, you must first be aware of Indonesian helpers’ culture and common traits.

This is a must for employer families to make it easier for the members to adjust to the new helper, including Singaporean children and older Singaporeans.

Factors You Need to Know about the Indonesian Maids

Here are the factors that you need to know about the workers originally from Indonesia.


Experienced Indonesian workers speak good English. On the other hand, a domestic helper who has only been in Singapore for several months or so knows basic English.

An Indonesian helper in Singapore speaks the common language of Bahasa Indonesia, which is similar to Bahasa Melayu.


Current research suggests that around three percent of maids from Indonesia working in Singapore are Catholic; seven percent are Christian, and the majority, at approximately 88 percent, are Muslim. The rest of the percentage have varying religions.

Food Restriction

This applies to employers who have hired maids with different religions. Muslim maids from Indonesia can prepare and cook pork, but they are not allowed to eat it.

Qualifications to Look for When Hiring an Indonesian Helper in Singapore

It’s best to seek help from an Indonesian maid agency or the assigned ministry if you are after hiring domestic helpers from the nation. They will explain the procedures you must follow from the Indonesian authorities and Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower.

You can also hire a foreign helper without the assistance of an Indonesian maid agency. However, you must process all requirements and file important papers to make everything legal.

Here are some of the qualifications an Indonesian helper must possess to get absorbed in Singapore’s manpower and apply for employment:

  • The age of the maid must be at least 23.
  • The maid applicant must be able to show proof of formal education.
  • Work permit
  • Your maid must have a KTKLN or an overseas worker card, which also serves as a work permit, proving that they can leave their country and work abroad.
  • Written consent from their previous employers, if applicable.

Reasons to Employ an Indonesian Maid in Singapore

These Indon maids remain in demand in Singapore compared to Mizoram or Burmese maids. Here are the main reasons why:

The food culture in Singapore and Indonesia are similar, so employers who hire cooks prefer Indonesians. Both cultures are fond of spices.

Additionally, many older Singaporeans find it easier to converse in basic Malay than in English. Also, Malay employers in Singapore prefer hiring maids with the same faith.

Expected Roles of Indo Maids

These maids specialize in different areas of work, so you can decide depending on your household and family.

You can choose based on what the helper can do and if they can fit into your family or household and provide the service you are after:

  • Cooking
  • General Housework
  • Elderly Care
  • Children Care
  • Infant Care

How Much Will It Cost to Hire an Indonesian Maid in Terms of Recruitment Costs (Agency Fees)?

The location and nationality of your maid dictate the cost you will incur when hiring them for employment. Take note that an Indo maid’s minimum wage is among the highest in Singapore.

This is despite the fact that the majority of maids in Singapore are from Indonesia (almost half of the 240,000 foreign helpers in the country).

Even when the process is done through an agency, recruitment costs are shouldered by the employer. The costs include $35 for a work pass and $35 for an application.

Here are the other costs you need to know when hiring an Indo maid:


You have to provide food for your helpers, especially when living with your family. Make sure you only give them food they can eat, according to their culture.

You must also give them adequate meals on the important meals of the day.

Monthly Levy

Here’s a look at the rates of the monthly maid levy as of April 2019:

  • $60 – Concessionary
  • $450 – Second Maid
  • $300 – First Maid

Off Days

Foreign Domestic Helpers in Singapore have legal rights to four off days every month. They must be duly compensated if you require them to work or they request to work during their rest days.

The payment cost for your maid for each day they have chosen to work ranges from $21 to $31.


The maid’s salary depends on their experience:

  • $600-$620 – Ex Hong Kong or Taiwan
  • $550-$620 – Ex Singapore Maid
  • $550 – New Maid

Medical Care

Employers are required to pay for the Medical Care of their maids. It includes the following:

  • $60,000 per year – Personal Accident Coverage
  • $15,000 per year Medical Insurance

Even when not required, responsible employers must ensure their maid’s health care for their welfare and to develop a good employment relationship.

Final Words

Indonesian maids are in-demand in Singapore due to the similarities in culture and religion. You can get their services when looking for people to look after your sick family members, children, or seniors.

If you are in search of efficient elderly care guidance, RC Caregivers gives you the best option and costs. We are an experienced Singapore maid agency that will make the process easier for you at rates you can afford.

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