A Comprehensive Guide For Senior Care

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Many children in search of the best care for the elderly options experience many hurdles along the way. Do your parents need hospice care, community care, live-in care, home care, or specialized care, or would they be better off at a nursing home?

First of all, elder care is something you must talk about with all family members, including your elderly loved ones. They must have a say in what healthcare services they prefer if they want to stay in an assisted living facility, or how much they value independent living.

This comprehensive guide for parent care aims to answer all your questions about your options for in-home care of the elderly, medical care, personal care services, and elderly day care centers. It will tackle other related stuff about helping your parents live comfortably and safely.

If you’re currently searching for information about caregiving services, respite care, healthcare centers, or nursing homes for your parents, read on.

Introduction to Most Popular Senior Care Options that Will Your Aging Parents Lives Easy

The population of people over 65 continues to rise in many parts of the world, including America, Asia, and Europe. In a few years, it’s expected that older adults will outnumber children.

For example, about 16 percent of the population is comprised of aging adults (over 65 years of age). By 2050, this percentage is predicted to rise to 22.1 percent, likely due to longer life expectancies.

As more of these aging populations become senior citizens, the demand for assisted living facilities, in-home caregiving, and healthcare also rises.

Taking care of your elderly parents can be difficult, especially if a crisis, like an accidental fall, slip, or illness arises when you least expect it, and you have no time to prepare. This is why it’s best to be ready, even when your parents are still healthy and can still manage on their own.

Having a plan will make it easier for all the family members to decide how you will look after your parents to ensure they live meaningfully and happily.

What Level of Care Is Needed? What Are The Different Care Options?

Choosing the type of care your parents need requires a thorough evaluation of their circumstances. You may need a professional opinion from a geriatric care specialist to make an informed decision.

Here are some important factors to consider when it comes to home care services and elderly care services:

Health and Medical Needs

You need to assess if your parents have any urgent medical requirements. Are they on any medications that require constant monitoring and assistance?

Remember that the available elderly care services you can get vary from home health visits to round-the-clock care, like how they do in nursing homes. Ask a geriatric expert for help, especially when the elderly person in need of care has diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease.

How Much Independence Can They Handle

You have to monitor how efficiently your parents can handle their activities of daily living. They include toilet hygiene, personal hygiene, functional mobility, showering or bathing, dressing, and preparing and eating their own meals.

Older adults have a variety of care alternatives, but a critical aspect that separates the various categories is the level of independence that residents are given.

Independent living facilities are obviously not an option if your parents require assistance with daily activities, like getting around the house.

On the other hand, there is no point in sending someone to a nursing home if they are fully capable of cooking and maintaining a clean house.

How Much is Your Budget

The bottom line when it comes to elder care services, home care services, and other healthcare services is your budget. Compare the expense of keeping your parents at home with the necessary safety upgrades to having them stay in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Your parents may have long-term care insurance. Additionally, they can be eligible for government programs like veteran’s pension benefits, Medicaid, or Medicare.

Requesting help from an elder lawyer and a financial planner can make you see things from a different perspective. You may also ask for assistance from the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers. And it wouldn’t hurt to ask relatives or friends for recommendations.

On the other hand, you can get a free assessment if money is indeed a problem by forwarding your dilemma to Area Agency on Aging’s office nearest you.

What are the Different Care Options?

Elderly care services are typically divided into two categories – professionally provided elderly care and family-provided elderly care.

Nursing Homes

In these care institutions, aides, certified nurse assistants, and registered nurses monitor elderly patients and give them round-the-clock care. These facilities may be the best option for elderly care if your parents need constant medical care, personal care, and nursing procedures.

Your parents are also better off under constant nursing care if they require dementia care, have serious medical conditions, like mental illness, have severe disabilities, or they need palliative care.

Assisted Living Facilities

These institutions are like homes providing elderly care with independent living conditions. But the difference is that your parents will get aged care professionals to assist them with activities of daily living.

They are more like day rehabilitation centers or senior activity centres where older adults are given personal space in a familiar environment while their health is constantly checked.

Social services and health caregivers help monitor their blood pressure, provide day rehabilitation, administer medication or give medication reminders. They can also help with meal preparation, help with household chores, and other non-medical care services.

Additionally, your parents get exposed to social and recreational opportunities and, occasionally, minimal medical care, such as rehabilitation therapy, occupational therapy, or wound dressing.

Independent Living Facilities

These facilities give older people a much-needed sense of freedom. It’s like living at day care centers that allow them to live independently while also being a part of a neighborhood.

Here, your parents would feel like permanent residents getting recreational and social opportunities, sometimes even transportation services. This is highly helpful in preventing depression, which frequently happens to people this age due to social isolation.

Adult Day Care Centres

Think of it like a daycare for kids, but it’s primarily for seniors who don’t have anyone to look after them during the day. You will bring your parents to the facility during the day, and then they will be assigned a caregiver.

You can do your work and other tasks while your parents stay at the adult daycare. At the end of the day, you will fetch them and continue assisting them at home.

Care Provided by Family

The setup, in this case, depends on who among the family members can give your parents daily assistance and care. Your parents can choose to stay at their own home, provided a family member will stay with them to ensure their safety and monitor their wellbeing.

On the other hand, your family may also choose to move your parents to the house of one of the family members. In either case, you can arrange for in-home services, occupational therapists, nursing care, speech therapy, and other home care services your parents require.

Final Thoughts

One of the hardest decisions a child would make in their lifetime is how to provide elderly care for their parents when they can’t do it. In thinking about the matter, always consider your parents’ health conditions, chronic illnesses, and medical needs.

Ultimately, you have to choose what’s best for your aging parents and what will make them feel comfortable and happy. You can talk to us at RC Caregivers for a free consultation about our services provided.

We have years of experience in professional elderly care. And we can help you think about the best care options for your parents.

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