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Dementia Caregivers with Complete Training and Certification

According to HealthHub, 1 in 10 Singaporeans aged 60 and above suffers from dementia. The most common types of which are Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia. Contrary to what some may think, Dementia is not a part of normal ageing. It is not just memory loss, it is a medical condition where brain cells die faster. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, diagnosis of dementia occurs when a person displays memory impairment and problems with cognition that can impact occupational and social functions.

Because of this, it takes a physical and emotional toll on both caregiver and care recipient. As dementia progresses, each stage requires different care plans. The middle stages of dementia make routine tasks difficult which requires more specialized attention while later stages would need support with activities of daily living, such as bathing and toileting.

As such, taking on the caregiving role for a family member with Alzheimer's disease or dementia is difficult especially when you try to do it alone. Red Crowns Caregivers are here to be with you every step of your caregiving journey. From live in caregiver Singapore support to professional nursing services and night respite care, our caregivers in Singapore can ease both your loved one's and your own caregiving experience.

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How the skills of Dementia Caregivers provide the elderly with a more targeted care

Our caregivers provide specialized care for dementia patients. Dementia Care focuses on slowing down cognitive and physical deterioration due to this condition.

In Dementia care, Physical activities and games are used to encourage movement to keep care recipients strong. Mind stimulation, life journaling and reminiscence therapy focus on memory and strengthen their mental health through cognitive exercises.

Hobbies are encouraged as part of the care plan. Music and movement, creative arts, gardening as well as pet therapy can be used to keep dementia patients engaged and active.

Social interaction is also beneficial as such our caregivers can provide companionship and personalized care to your loved one. Group activities such as interactive and outdoor activities as well as inter-generational activities will help keep your loved one social engaged.

Benefits of Dementia Care

Holistic dementia care Singapore provides support through the different stages of dementia that requires different care needs, for both care recipient and their family members.
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Care Plan for Mild Stage of Dementia

For mild stages of Dementia, care recipients may have difficulty with memory or concentration but can mostly function independently. Our caregivers can provide medication reminders, companionship as well as simple physical exercises for patients with the mild stage of dementia.
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Care Plan for Moderate Stage of Dementia

For moderate stages of Dementia, self-management and communication may be harder. Along with companionship and medication reminders, our caregivers can conduct check-in visits to see to your loved one's needs and assist with activities of daily living such as personal hygiene and grooming.
Respite Care

Care Plan for Advanced Stage of Dementia

Advanced Stages of Dementia requires more care as patients lose control of movement as well as their ability to communicate. Nursing services and night respite services are available to see to their care and medical needs. If they require round the clock care that their current caregivers cannot meet, Nursing homes are also an option.
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Care Plan for Caregiver of Person with Dementia

Dementia care is also beneficial to families who are looking after a dementia patient. Support services and dementia support groups with other caregivers are available to provide family caregivers with the emotional support as well as the break they need to relieve stress and care for their own needs and well being.
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Personalized Dementia Care Services

Red Crowns Dementia Care ensures the quality of life of your loved one. You may use our care services are to see which set-up fits you and your loved one's lifestyle and care needs.
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Home Personal Care & Companionship
Home care for elderly is available for care recipients who prefer to stay in a familiar environment. Live in caregivers can provide assistance with activities of daily living as well as provide companionship and cognitive exercises to keep dementia patients engaged and prevent their condition from deteriorating.
Research-Based Memory Exercises
Mind-stimulating activities such as puzzles, games and reading help keep dementia patients engaged. Therapy can also be done at home. Our caregivers can guide your loved ones through Music, Art and Colouring, and Reminiscence Therapy which studies show are beneficial with people with dementia.

Studies behind music therapy from the National Library of Medicine suggest it is a powerful treatment strategy for people with dementia.

Meanwhile, art and colouring therapy allows patients to express their emotions through art which is particularly helpful for those who have difficulty verbalizing their emotions.

Reminiscence therapy shows evidence that it is beneficial for cognition, communication and interaction of dementia patients.
Night Care
Families of a loved one with dementia may find themselves unprepared for Sundowning syndrome. Sundowning syndrome refers to the state of confusion of a person living with dementia that occurs in the late afternoon and lasts all night. Dementia patients may exhibit sundowning syndrome symptoms such as confusion, anxiety and aggressive behaviour. This may also lead to pacing or wandering.

Night Respite Care is available as respite caregiver support. Family caregivers can get a well-deserved break and rest assured their loved one's medical needs are attended to by professional healthcare providers who are trained to provide night care for dementia patients.
Specialised Transport Services
Escort services are available to take your loved ones to their medical appointments and bring them back home safely. Those who need specialized care can have care aides who will stay with them to ensure they have the assistance and care they need throughout the whole appointment.
Vital Signs Monitoring
Home Medical and Home Nursing services bring professional help to your loved one's home. If your loved one with dementia requires wound dressing or post-surgery care, Nursing services can cater to their need. Medical personnel and nurses can also provide support for the later stages of dementia.
Short-term Dementia Care
Dementia Day Care and Interim Caregiver Service are available as short-term dementia care.

Dementia Day Care serves as a respite option for caregivers who need professional help looking after their loved ones with dementia while they are at work.

Interim Caregiver Service is available for those who were just discharged from the hospital and need temporary care and post-hospital support.

Our Dementia Caregiver Support

1.      Dementia Caregiver Training Program

For those who would like to provide better support and care for their loved ones living with dementia, Caregiving Training and scheduled courses are available at the AIC website.

2.      Financial Support

The AIC provides a rundown of the financial support your loved one can apply for under Dementia Care such as Medifund, CHAS, Seniors' Mobility and Enabling Fund, Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly and more.

3.      Access to Dementia Care Tools and Exercises

The AIC also provides resource kits on various topics such as caregiving, mental health as well as resources for home modification.

Cost of Dementia Care Singapore

Dementia Care may add up to an annual estimated cost of $40,000. Subsidies under the Home Caregiving Grant can help defray the cost of caregiving services.
Dementia Care
$ $40,000

Dementia Care Singapore FAQs

How do I care for someone with Dementia?

Caring for someone with Dementia requires a personal touch and compassion. When dementia patients have a close relationship with their caregiver, it slows down the progression of this condition and is beneficial to the well being of the care recipient

Can Dementia be cured?

Most types of dementia are irreversible such as Alzheimer's Disease and treatment plans focus on the management of symptoms and slowing down its progression. However, some can be reversed and cured such as Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.

How fast can I receive Dementia Care support? What is the process for application?

If you think your loved one will benefit from Red Crowns Dementia care, you may reach out to us and we'll match your loved one with a suitable care professional in as fast as 24-48 hours.

My grandparent has Dementia – what home care services can we engage to keep her mentally and physically engaged?

Home personal care is available to assist with daily needs,  personal hygiene as well as meal preparation and feeding. Companionship services also offer activities that stimulate the mind to keep care recipients engaged.

Home Therapy such as physiotherapy and speech therapy will help with functional skills such as moving, walking as well as eating and talking.

Home Medical and Home Nursing are also available for those who need intensive medical care such as wound nursing or post-surgery care.  

Are Foreigners, Permanent Residents or Long Term Visit Pass Holders eligible for your Dementia Home Care services?

Yes, both Singaporean and non-Singaporean citizens are eligible for Dementia Care. However private rates apply for non-Singaporean citizens.

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