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From practical caregiving tips to inspiring caregiver stories, we've got you covered. Read on to learn all you need to know about caregiving, the costs involved and the support available in the community.
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Caregiver Training Grant Comprehensive Guide

Singapore's aging community has seen a rapid rise, calling for a significant need for caregivers. By 2050, almost half of the country's population will be at least 65 years old. Family members may find it difficult...
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How to Cancel a Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore

Cancelling a helper's work permit in Singapore may be done for several circumstances. It can be due to the possibility of an early contract termination if employers and assistants are not a good match. While in...

How Filipino Maids Can Apply Home Leave In Singapore

For Filipinos working in Singapore, make sure that you read through and understand the MOM guide on home leave before asking permission from your employer to go on home leave. Be aware that there are requirements...

Caretaker vs Caregiver: Which One Do You Need for Home Care?

While a caretaker and caregiver are both care providers, it is crucial to realize that these two terms have significant differences.

How to Hire a Maid in Singapore: A Complete Guide For Employers in 2023

Did you know there are more than 250,000 foreign domestic helpers in Singapore? This equates to one out of five households in the country having a foreign domestic worker helping them with household chores.

The Ultimate Maid Interview Questions Guide for Families and Employers

In hiring a domestic helper, you must understand how crucial the interview phase is. Your final choice can change your life. But what if you let go of someone who would have been a perfect fit...

Watch Out For These 12 Maid Problems And Know How To Manage Them

It may be easy nowadays for families to find foreign domestic workers in Singapore with the help of agencies and government departments, but the real struggle happens once you've hired someone and lived under the same...

These 5 Caregiver Support Tips Will Make New Caregivers Worry-Free and Prepared

Caregivers need better stress management they can easily implement. They have to seek assistance whenever required and know how to obtain it. They must be part of caregiver support groups, peer-led groups, and community partners to...

Revolutionizing Domestic Help Search: Hire a Maid Directly in Singapore Without an Agency

How do you direct hire a maid in Singapore? Many homeowners are asking the question due to the rising costs of getting the services of a maid employment agency. However, bear in mind that a maid...
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