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Revolutionizing Domestic Help Search: Hire a Maid Directly in Singapore Without an Agency

How do you direct hire a maid in Singapore? Many homeowners are asking the question due to the rising costs of getting the services of a maid employment agency. However, bear in mind that a maid...
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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Maid Costs in Singapore for 2023

Did you know that one in five households in Singapore hires a domestic helper? Due to the Ministry of Manpower's mandate, a live-in household maid in Singapore is now referred to as a migrant domestic worker...

Common Mistakes Singaporeans Make When Hiring Maids to Look After Elderly Relatives

Foreign domestic workers (FDW) can make your life a lot easier, especially when you have elderly family members constantly in need of care and support. However, you have to fully understand your responsibilities as an employer...

Caregiver vs Home Nurse: Which Should You Choose?

As people get older, they will require more care and attention. No matter how much you love the elderly members of your family, you will need able and helping hands once you can no longer commit...

An Indonesian Maid Hiring Guide from Singapore

Indonesia has an extensive workforce, but the Indonesian government fails to provide most of them with job opportunities.

Why Choose Maids from Myanmar? – Here are the Benefits

Hiring a family helper or maid is not an easy task, so you have to know all that you must to avoid any future mishaps in making the wrong choice. Among the top options for domestic...

5 Key Differences between Caregiver vs Domestic Maid

Time will come when our loved ones need extra help in their daily living and activities, especially when they are ill or have a medical condition requiring extra care and attention.

Elderly Care Guide: Hiring Caregiver vs Maid

According to a study by the Asian Development Bank last September 2020, 25% of the Singaporean population will be aged 65 and above by 2030.
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