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From practical caregiving tips to inspiring caregiver stories, we've got you covered. Read on to learn all you need to know about caregiving, the costs involved and the support available in the community.
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Night Care for Elderly Singapore Guide: Providing Peace of Mind

Do you intend to provide an older loved one with overnight care? Regardless of the cause, your seniors need constant care and may be in danger if left alone at night. Learn if your seniors may require night...
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How to Cancel a Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore

Cancelling a helper's work permit in Singapore may be done for several circumstances. It can be due to the possibility of an early contract termination if employers and assistants are not a good match. While in...

Befriending Services in Singapore: Building Meaningful Relationships for Seniors

Many Singaporean elders encounter loneliness, desertion, and even boredom as a result of being placed in nursing facilities. Several countries, including Singapore, started creating senior befriending programs to address this societal issue.

Eldershield: Qualifications & How To Apply

Your needs change as you age, and this is why you'll often hear others say to plan for your future while you are younger. You will realise the effects of such a phrase once you transition...

How Filipino Maids Can Apply Home Leave In Singapore

For Filipinos working in Singapore, make sure that you read through and understand the MOM guide on home leave before asking permission from your employer to go on home leave. Be aware that there are requirements...

Coping with Mobility Issues: Tips for Seniors & Caregivers

It's common for people to have mobility problems as they get older. Limited mobility may be due to muscle weakness and health or physical reasons. From 2000 to 2020, 25,500 to 50,000 Singaporeans aged 65 and...

Terminal Discharge: Understanding Care Options and Preparation

One of the most painful moments for families, aside from hearing that their loved one is nearing their final moments, is witnessing the last hours until they breathe their last. Despite providing terminally ill patients with...

20 Best Activities for Seniors in Singapore to Stay Active and Engaged

In 2020, Singapore accounted for elderly residents aged 65 and above, comprising 15.2 per cent of its population. This says a lot about the country's rapidly growing community of older adults.

Caretaker vs Caregiver: Which One Do You Need for Home Care?

While a caretaker and caregiver are both care providers, it is crucial to realize that these two terms have significant differences.
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