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Singapore’s aging community has seen a rapid rise, calling for a significant need for caregivers. By 2050, almost half of the country’s population will be at least 65 years old. Family members may find it difficult to take care of their elderly loved ones without professional support, especially when faced with special needs.

Unless you opt for elder care in Singapore, where your elderly loved ones will be taken care of 24/7, a Caregivers Training Grant would alternatively come in handy. It will give you access to caregiver training courses and relevant resources to equip you with skills to support your elderly family members.

In this comprehensive guide, discover the benefits of the Caregivers Training Grant for aspiring caregivers and everything you need to know to qualify for one.

What is the Caregivers Training Grant?

The Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) is a valuable initiative by the Singaporean government aimed at supporting caregivers in enhancing their caregiving skills through approved training courses. This grant provides financial assistance for annual training in areas like day-to-day elderly care, behavioral management, and functional skill development.

Caregivers can choose from various approved courses that cater to different aspects of caregiving, costing $200 or less. Each care recipient is eligible for a $200 subsidy to offset this cost every financial year (April 1st to March 31st). It’s important to emphasize that the subsidy is allocated per care recipient, not the number of caregivers.

This means that for those with more than one caregiver or multiple caregivers involved, there will be the same subsidy amount of $200 per year, as there is only one care recipient.

Application Steps

Applying for the Caregivers Training Grant is a straightforward process that can be completed online. To begin, visit the CTG Caregivers Training Catalog and choose a course from their e-calendar. Every course provides an overview of the course content, duration, and training outcomes, including the fee details. You’ll also have access to the contact details of the training provider to learn more about the course.

Once you’ve decided on your CTG course, register directly on the platform and reach out to the instructor expressing your interest at least two weeks before the course starts.

Your trainer will provide you with the application form or you can download it yourself. The trainer will then submit the completed form on your behalf.

Once successful, you will receive notification and any additional instructions on how to attend approved courses.


The Caregivers Training Grant offers numerous benefits to eligible caregivers, including financial support through a training fee subsidy and access to a wide range of approved courses and reading training materials.

CTG-approved training programmes help caregivers improve their ability to provide quality care to their loved ones or care recipients. Additionally, the grant helps you stay updated on the latest caregiving techniques and practices, ensuring you can deliver the best possible care. These programs not only benefit care recipients but also increase caregiver satisfaction.

Various studies highlight the effectiveness of caregiver training programs, emphasizing their positive impact on the cognitive, functional, and quality of life aspects of older adults. By participating in caregiver training, caregivers can enhance their autonomy, independence, and caregiving skills.


To meet the eligibility criteria for Caregivers Training Grant, the following must be met:

  • Caregivers must be the main person in charge of caring for the care recipient or family member.
  • The care recipient must be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.
  • The care recipient must be 65 years old and over, OR have a disability diagnosed by a qualified healthcare professional.
  • The caregiver must complete a CTG-approved training course and obtain a certificate of attendance if available.

Foreign domestic workers can qualify for the grant as long as they meet the qualifications discussed above.

Courses available under the Caregivers Training Grant

Under the Caregivers Training Grant, caregivers have access to a wide range of CTG-approved training courses. Class-based courses are taught in group settings in a physical training centre, while home-based courses are accessible on a computer or other electronic devices.

They cover various aspects of caregiving, including home caregiving, integrated care, and specialized caregiver training programmes. The following are some courses highly recommended for caregivers:

  • Advanced Caregiver Course on Diabetes Mellitus Management
  • Basic Nursing Course for Caregiver
  • Being Dementia Aware

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