How to Cancel a Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore

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Cancelling a helper’s work permit in Singapore may be done for several circumstances. It can be due to the possibility of an early contract termination if employers and assistants are not a good match. While in other situations, a random occurrence serves as the cause.


In Singapore, domestic worker contracts with international employers typically last two years. Unexpected events, which include the employer no longer qualifying under the Ministry of Manpower, might, nevertheless, force either side to terminate the labour arrangement early. This can occur when hiring managers and domestic assistants find that they don’t make an appropriate match for one another, which may be the consequence of a shoddy interview and hiring procedure.

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How to Cancel Maid’s Work Permit and End Contract Online

It is incredibly crucial to adhere to the processes outlined in the employment contract or contract of service when cancelling a contract. Employers that don’t comply may forfeit the $5,000 security deposits they obtained while recruiting their domestic staff.

Before Cancelling

The employment contract must be followed to the notice if you want to terminate your maid’s job, and you must give enough notice or pay in place of notice as required. Moreover, if your family’s assistant is not moving on to a new company, you must choose when her work visa will expire. Also, you will have to buy her a ticket home should she decide to leave Singapore. A flight must be booked within 2 weeks after the helper’s last day of employment in Singapore to comply with this requirement.

Some housekeepers may not want to return to their employers’ homes, so if your assistant asks you to arrange a trip for her to another nation and you agree, it is an excellent opportunity to get her to sign a paper stating that she decided to move to her preferred nation, following her work permit expiry date. This can assist to prevent any issues that might emerge with the immigration officer and ensure that she has a valid passport at hand.

How to Cancel

On the website of the MOM, cancellations of work permits are possible. Also, you must have a SingPass to accomplish this, and it takes effect right away. After cancelling your helper’s work visa, you have to generate her special pass should your maid is still in Singapore. The maid is also permitted to remain in Singapore with the pass till her departure. When departing, she should provide this submission to immigration. Additionally, you are responsible for making sure your assistant departs Singapore on time. The security bond is typically released one week after your maid leaves. Additionally, even if your domestic assistant has time to leave Singapore, she is no longer fit to work once you cancel work permit, and the levy would be levied up to one day before cancel employer privileges.

After Cancelling

If your helper continues in Singapore after you have completed all the cancellation procedures, they will not be permitted to work until the helper’s departure, even if only for a day. Another action that is strongly advised is to cut the connection to stop overuse, upon leaving Singapore.

At What Point Should the Work Permit Be Canceled?

Since a worker’s work visa might be revoked at any moment, the best times to do so are either one week before their last day of employment or one day after the work permit expires. Even if your helper left Singapore already and won’t be returning to work for you, it is nonetheless a good idea to terminate her work permit within the initial week after your helper has left Singapore or departure date to avoid any outstanding employment issues.

Important Reminders on Cancelling Work Permits

Days Notice

Generally speaking, you and your domestic helper are permitted to end the arrangement early as long as you both adhere to the terms you’ve agreed upon before. It will assist in ending the arrangement, but make sure to provide the other side with the agreed-upon amount of notice first. Additionally, the party ending the contract is responsible for paying the compensation for that period if they are unable to guarantee the other party the required notice period. Employers can send an email to MOM should they have existing queries on the steps for cancellation.

End of Contract

The laws governing work permits encompass the house rules for domestic helpers and regulations, even if contracts with foreign domestic workers are not obligatory in Singapore. While bearing in mind the MOM Recommendation that a contract is in place, it’s always an appropriate choice to be safe. If possible, based on the FDW history, this contract would include all the conditions necessary to cover any potential foreseeable or unforeseen events.

It will save you time and hassle to terminate the FDW’s work visa right away since it is advised to do so promptly as she quits working for Singapore elderly home care.


Once the contract has ended, you need to complete the formal paperwork; otherwise, the employer will handle the full cancellation process on your behalf. The procedure is entirely online and simple to follow in Singapore. In-person or via a representative of the organization, such as the best Singapore elderly care you engaged to hire the assistant, the employer has the right to revoke the work permit.


Why Knowing FDW History Is Important?

In many Singaporean houses, domestic assistants are essential members that keep things running with ease and enable you to do household tasks faster. An FDW permit must first be given to a foreign domestic assistant before she may start working for you. The application, renewal, or cancellation of a maid permit can be handled through maid agencies. Still, eliminating expenses including renewal fees and maid insurance, may cost between $300 and $400.

The FDW permit application can be completed by the helper’s employer. It takes minutes to complete the procedure online since it is so easy and clear. Even though you must still pay the MOM’s mandated fees, managing the FDW permit application will save you a significant amount of money on administrative costs.

Can I Blacklist a Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore?

The decision to put an ex-employee on a blacklist or exclude them from working does not ultimately rest with the employer in Singapore. The MOM, a department of the Singaporean government, is in charge of carrying out the country’s employment rules and regulations, hence it is the MOM that determines if a person is qualified to work there.

Nevertheless, companies may take some actions that may have the effect of “blacklisting” their former workers after terminating the person’s job, which is something that is allowed in cases of employee misbehaviour.

What Should You Do When Your FDW Misbehaves?

Employers may send a letter to the Ministry of Manpower if an FDW has acted carelessly. Depending on the particulars of the case, MOM will take the appropriate measures. Any FDW who is found guilty of violations of the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act or other crimes would have their employment in Singapore indefinitely terminated. As a result, FDWs with a terrible reputation within the sector are kept from being transferred.

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