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Cambodia is a country rich in culture, history, tradition and religion. Cambodian people put great importance on courtesy and respect and their way of greeting, which is a 'sampeah' or putting their hands together in front of them and bowing, is a reflection of this.

Furthermore, Cambodia cuisine has some similarities to Vietnamese and Thai cuisine but is worthy of its own reputation. It uses subtler spices such as garlic, turmeric and lemongrass and is largely dependent on the freshness of ingredients such as vegetables, fish and rice to make delicious and healthy dishes.

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About – Cambodian Maids

In 2013, Singapore, in partnership with the Cambodian government, began a pilot project for elderly care Singapore. Cambodian agents and Singapore agents were asked to recruit 400 Cambodian maids to see if they can work and adapt to Singaporean life and culture. The program was deemed successful and Cambodia is now included in the list of approved countries of origin for foreign domestic workers.

Cambodian maids are known for providing quality service with a friendly disposition. Hardworking and keen to learn, the demand for Cambodian maids are increasing, especially as their expected salary is lower than maids from other countries.

Like all our domestic helpers Singapore, Cambodian maids receive training for household work, and can also go through specialized training to provide the specific care needs of their employer’s household such as caring for an elder, infant or toddler.

To overcome communication barriers, they are trained in English. Some however have experience living in Malaysia and as such, would know some Malay or Mandarin which can help them communicate with their Singaporean clients.
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What can Cambodian Maids help with?

Among the services you can expect from experienced Cambodian maids are personal care, companionship and home maintenance.
Personal Care

Personal Care

Cambodian Maids can help those who need assistance with activities of daily living such as walking, eating as well as bathing.
Private Duty Nursing


Our care providers can keep your elderly loved one's company whether at home or on trips outside as well as engage in meaningful conversations.

General Housekeeping

Maids are also trained to maintain a household and have been taught how to use modern appliances and equipment. They can also take care of cooking, cleaning as well as shopping for household needs.
How our Cambodian Maid recruitment works

Red Crowns Caregivers Standard – Elderly Training

At our training centre, we equip helpers with the skills necessary to meet the needs of families in Singapore. On top of expertise in housekeeping, our helpers are trained in child and infant care as well as disability and elderly care. We also provide enhancement training for helpers so they can adapt to any changes in the home care needs of their employers.
Indo Maid
Screen Maid Candidates
We look for a candidate who is a suitable match for you and your household and who is equipped to provide your family’s care needs – may it be special care for an elderly, child or infant, or homecare.
Conduct the Interview
Unlike other maid agencies, we encourage employers to personally interview shortlisted candidates as we believe it is beneficial and can inform your decision of whether a candidate is right for you and your family. It can help you assess a candidate’s qualities such as body language and personality.
Assess the Candidate
We want to ensure your family’s care needs are met so we will assist you in the process of assessing if the candidate is a good match for you and your family.

Questions About Maids

What is FDH?

This is an acronym that stands for 'foreign domestic worker'. This is the preferred term over 'maid'. The Ministry of Manpower or MOM has adapted a more recent term to refer to homecare workers which is 'MDW' or 'Migrant Domestic Worker'.

What countries are the approved sources of recruitment of FDW?

The following are the list of countries where agencies can recruit FDW: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand.

How many weekly rest days are live-in maids entitled to?

They are entitled to one rest day a week as taking off days is crucial to your helper's mental and physical health. If your homecare worker agrees to work on her off days, they must be paid the day's wage according to their salary.

For how long are the FDWs trained?

Typically FDWs have received some form of training from the maid agencies in their home country. Upon arriving in Singapore, they will complete two days of classroom instruction and three hours of on the job training upon arriving at your home.

What is the salary for a Cambodian maid?

The average monthly salary of a Cambodian maid is $500.

What are the other fees I can expect to pay when hiring a maid?

To get expert help for your household, there are several things to pay for. Along with salary, you must also take into account agency fees, and health insurance for your helper as well.

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