Why Choose Maids from Myanmar? – Here are the Benefits

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Hiring a family helper or maid is not an easy task, so you have to know all that you must to avoid any future mishaps in making the wrong choice. Among the top options for domestic helpers in Singapore are Myanmar maids.

Over the past years, the number of Myanmar maids in Singapore increased significantly to more than 50 percent. Among the leading factors being attributed to the rise in the demand for hiring a maid from Myanmar is the lower cost.

The cost is way lower when hiring Myanmar maids from a reliable Myanmar maid agency in Singapore than when employers hire maids from other countries.

So, what are the reasons why Singapore employers hire helpers from Myanmar? What are the legal factors or legal requirements involved in hiring a Myanmar maid from a maid agency?

Let us go over the pivotal consideration factors and benefits of hiring a Myanmar maid.

Why Choose to Hire Myanmar Maids?

Many employers from Singapore who require the services of maids hire those from Myanmar due to affordability. This is among the top factors, especially for those whose income is only enough for the household.

However, a Myanmar maid has more charms other than the price you have to shell out for their services. Many employers have already realized that they have a sweet nature and hardworking mindset.

If you are an employer worried about the language barrier, rest assured that a Myanmar maid has undergone proper language training, specifically the English language, from the maid agencies handling their employment documentation.

Hiring a Myanmar Maid in Singapore – The Benefits

What does a Myanmar maid contribute to your family and household? How does the Myanmar manpower as domestic helpers benefit their employer and the country where they work?

Lower Cost

Hiring a Myanmar maid will cost about 20 percent less than hiring helpers from Indonesia or the Philippines. The monthly cost you need to allocate for your Myanmar maid’s salary is around $450.

Good Natured

As long as you get a Myanmar maid from a reputable maid agency, expect the person to have a good attitude. Myanmar maids are known to have a sweet personality, which is reflected in their gestures and body language.

But they know their place and won’t misplace your trust. They know their place in the household and work hard on the job.

Not Demanding

When you hire a Myanmar maid in Singapore, you will be surprised that they are constantly respectful. They talk politely and mildly.

They also refrain from complaining but instead focus on the job and working hard to have a better life in the future.

Easy to Get Along

It’s daunting to welcome a new maid into your household. You would never know how easy or difficult it is to be with them until they start living with you.

A maid from Myanmar often turns out to be a dream come true for any employer. They get the job done without being disrespectful.

When you request from a maid agency Singapore or the ministry, you can ask for a maid to look after your children or maid for elderly parents and do the household chores.

What to Consider When Hiring a Myanmar Maid in Singapore

Here are the considerations you need to know when getting the service of a Myanmar maid in Singapore:

  • Seek the services of a reputable maid agency.
  • Ask all you need to know, including the taxes you must pay after hiring a foreign domestic worker.
  • Make sure that the Myanmar maid you are about to hire with the help of a maid agency has a work permit and has completed the other requirement needed before working.
  • Ask the maid agency about the timeline (days, several weeks, or months) for when they can get you the Myanmar maid fit for your needs.
  • Read the contract thoroughly before signing.

Final Words

A Myanmar maid is trustworthy and hardworking, and it’s a bonus that they provide services at a lower cost than maids from other countries.

To make finding the right fit easier, you can course your inquiries and hiring process through RC Caregivers. We are a reputable agency providing people ease in finding and hiring the most suitable maids, including those originally from Myanmar.

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