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About Red Crowns Caregivers

We want to make this world a better place for your elderly loved ones. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of seniors through our expertise in personalized and skilled nursing care. This way, aging adults can continue living healthily and safely while still being independent at home.


Providing the nurturing care and support that seniors need

Aging is a complicated stage in a person’s life and yet, it remains beautiful. That said, elderly people deserve to enjoy their remaining years despite their conditions. We want to help them experience joy and fulfillment through our extensive caregiving services. We provide personalized and complex nursing care, trained caregivers, private nurses, domestic helpers, home care, and many more. Our services are customized to each individual for we understand the varying needs of every senior. Ultimately, we aim to provide solid support to aging adults who desire to live independently.
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Our Vision

To become the preferred care provider in each community we serve.

We are committed to improving the lives of the seniors under our care. Our exceptional services are in line with compassion, hospitality, and respect toward the dignity of each elderly person. Whatever it takes, we will do our best to foster the well-being of our clients.

Our Mission

To create a compassionate environment for each person entrusted to our care.

We understand that aging is not easy, therefore, we want to provide the best care and support. Our mission is to give hope and healing to those who have a high level of physical, mental, and spiritual needs. We want your elderly loved ones to feel secure and happy regardless of their situation.


“We’re here to take care of people in the best possible way we can.”
Andrea Lee
Andrea Lee Founder Red Crowns Senior Living
Steven Chong
Steven Chong CEO Red Crowns Caregivers
Catherine Lim
Catherine Lim COO Red Crowns Caregivers
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