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Discover RCCaregivers’ top-notch eldercare services in Singapore, offering both center-based and home care options to ensure seniors experience the same quality of care as in nursing homes. We specialize in outstanding nursing care and support to help seniors optimize their later years. Our private nurses offer a range of services, including complex medical procedures, delivering everything elderly individuals need for improved health and enhanced life quality. Experience comprehensive care that mirrors the excellence of private nursing homes, tailored to meet the diverse needs of the aging community.
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Our Elderly Care Services

How we can help your loved ones experience a better quality of life
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Home Care

Older people can get nursing care at home. Our home nursing care helps seniors with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Caregivers and health pros visit them at home. They check on them and meet their needs. This way, they live on their own but still get care and support.

Our eldercare services give care like in nursing homes. We offer kind care to make seniors' retirement good. We help them enjoy and benefit from their older years. They get great nursing care and support.

Our private nurse takes care of your loved ones at home. They do nursing care, complex procedures, and medical care. We provide all services that seniors need for better health. This helps them live a better quality of life. This is what private nursing homes are for.

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Private Nursing

Skilled nurses are ready to give complex care to elders. This can be in facilities, community hospitals, or at their homes. This includes those recovering from surgery or illness. Nurses who do home care work all day and night. They watch the patient's condition closely. They give nursing care in a place the patient knows. This includes intubation, feeding tubes, dressing wounds, and giving injections. This is what private duty nursing is all about.

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Maids For The Elderly

For older people who can't care for themselves, we hire foreign workers. These workers include maids and trained caregivers. They help with daily tasks and keep the elderly company. They also do housekeeping and other household jobs. This support is part of private duty nursing. It helps seniors in their daily life.

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How to Apply for Elderly Care Services

To receive quality care and support from our facility, simply follow these three steps:
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Chat with a Care Consultant

To begin resolving your questions and issues, kindly contact us by sending an email to To move on to the next level, we can provide you with a complimentary consultation during which we can learn everything there is to know about the senior care recipient.


Create a Care Plan, Assess Needs for Medical Services

We will work together to make the best care plan for your aging relative. We will check them carefully, including their medical history. To make the right plan, we will gather all we need. This is part of private duty nursing. It ensures your loved one gets the care they need.


Get the Best Care Services

We start with a care plan for your seniors. We make sure the care fits each person's needs. The plan is made just for them. This helps improve their life as they get older. They get all the health care they need. This is what private nursing homes do. They focus on each senior's well-being.


What Our Clients Say

We provide the best care for you and your loved ones. Read what families think of RedCrowns Caregivers.
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“Our caregiver Anna is wonderful. She is reliable and caring. She treats my mom as family. Red Crowns provides excellent caregivers.”
- Catherine Lao

What Our Caregivers Can Do

What we can do to improve the quality of life for the people you love!
Private Duty Nursing

Personal Care

Caring for elders well means you need good nursing skills. This includes helping them with daily tasks. Older people with health issues often find these tasks hard. A reliable live-in caregiver can meet their basic needs. This caregiver can also provide private nursing care.
Private Duty Nursing


Caregivers help the elderly by being friends and giving medical care. They can join your older family members on outings or at social events. A caregiver can also do private duty. This means they step in when a close relative is not there. They give comfort and support to the elderly person in need.
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Night Care

Caregivers help with nursing needs at night. This lowers the risk of falls or wandering when going to the bathroom. Elderly people often have less bladder control. This makes them get up earlier in the day. They can get this care in a private nursing home or at their own home.
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Medical Escort

Families worry about their old and sick relatives. It's hard for these elders to go to doctor's visits alone. Our caregivers can go with them. They help with trips to medical appointments. This includes rehab like occupational therapy and speech therapy. Caregivers also help at night. They lower the risk of falls when going to the bathroom. Older people often need to get up early due to less bladder control. This kind of care can happen in a private nursing home or at home.
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Vital Signs Monitoring

Older people often get health problems like high blood pressure and high blood sugar. A caregiver watches over your elderly loved one's health. They do home medical care. This includes checking temperature, blood pressure, and pulse. They also check blood sugar levels. This is part of private duty nursing. It helps keep seniors healthy at home.
Private Duty Nursing

Check-In Visit

Families can keep an eye on their older relatives, even when they are away. Caregivers update them about the elderly's health in real-time. This way, they know their family members are well cared for. Older people often face health issues like high blood pressure and high blood sugar. A caregiver watches their overall health. They do home medical care, like checking temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and blood sugar. This is part of private duty nursing. It helps keep seniors healthy at home.

Elderly Care Singapore FAQ: Questions About Caregivers

What Is a Live-in Caregiver?
Elderly people who need help with daily tasks can get it from live-in caregivers. These caregivers often stay with them in their homes. They can be there for four to five days a week, 24 hours a day. This is part of private duty nursing. It gives care and support to the elderly at home.
Do Red Crowns Provide Live-in Caregivers?
Right now, our caregivers don't stay live-in. Instead, they offer a 24-hour service. In our 24-hour care, two caregivers are planned for visits. Each caregiver works for twelve hours a day. They help you and your older loved ones all the time. This is a kind of private duty nursing. It ensures continuous care for the elderly.
What Is the Cost of Hiring a Caregiver?
Our service costs about $999 each month. But, there are care packages and help with the cost. You might get the Home Caregiver Grant from AIC. This grant takes off $200 every month. But, if you ask for special things, it might cost more. This is for private duty nursing. It helps cover the expenses for continuous care.
Are Red Crowns Caregiver Employment Subsidies Available?
The cost of professional caregiving changes a lot. It depends on where you live and what services you need. In Singapore, there is always help with costs for the elderly. A good thing about Red Crowns is that you pay only for what you need. This way, you can find what fits your needs best. Like in our dementia day care centres or day rehab centres. This is part of private duty nursing. It helps find the right care for you.
What Is the Shortest Time Allowed for a Care Visit in Red Crowns?
We want older people in our facilities to meet their families and friends. They can visit when it's good for them. But visits should be at least 30 minutes. We are still careful about the pandemic. So, the times for visits may change with local rules. This is how it works in a private nursing home. We keep everyone safe but still let them see loved ones.
How Fast Can I Get a Caregiver?
Red Crowns works with families to care for their seniors. We can quickly move caregivers in when needed. Seniors get a full check-up for their needs. This helps our care team make their Individualized Care Plan (ISP). This is part of our private nursing home services. It ensures each senior gets the right care.
Do You Have Any Caregiving Support Action Plan?
We give caregivers all the help they need. This helps them care for our seniors the best way. We have plans to help our staff in their caregiver role. This includes training sessions and money help to learn key skills. We also offer breaks to prevent caregiver burnout. This keeps our caregivers well. They can then give top-notch care. This is part of our private duty nursing. It makes sure caregivers are ready to provide great care.


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